March 5th, 2007

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minor bad_service stupid

kaylaaarg posts a rather unusual tale in bad_service:

I asked for $2 worth of meat and the idiot gave me $2.06 worth! I'm going to take my business elsewhere, and I hope you get stabbed in the dark on your way home, you idiot!

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Cue 50+ comments where everyone is led to believe that the OP is infact an entitlement bitch of the worst kind, or just a complete troll.

But WAIT! That's not even the biggest stupid just yet. kaylaaarg returns and she then goes on to explain to another member within the comments how her post was in fact from the POV of the customer, and that she herself was in fact the mistreated deli girl who missed her taxi. Apparently we are all mind readers now and were just supposed to know this bit of information that should've been included in the post to begin with. Naturally the comments that follow question her as to why in the hell she failed to mention such a big point in the original post.

I felt this was a relatively minor stupid, but amusing nonetheless. Remember folks, mind reading is now mandatory!

childfree AND language stupid, all rolled into one!

The stupid is in the details
The op makes a poorly worded post about how she hopes her brother’s baby will die on the operating table IMMORTALSOFAR (sorry I don’t know how to do name tags) immediately expresses GREAT umbrage at my use of teh englishspeaking doesn’t tell me what he/she/it disapproves up but waits for a promt. I thought it was because I used the wrong whether. NOOOOO apparently the word “wank” is particularly offensive and has only one meaning

minus 5 points to the OP for being crass. minus 50 points to the grammar-nazi

edit: sorry about the link being broken, and 10 thousand apologies for dropping a T. I will flaggelate myself when i get home from work :)
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Power of the Swastika, etc.

Since the holy Swastika has a long occult history, especially in the sagas of the good true and holy Aryan/White races, I thought I might talk a bit about it here. The pawns of the jews here tried to get me deleted for freely expressing my beliefs but they have not succeeded because the truth is stronger than them.

It's a little more insane than your standard Pro-Aryan bit, but equally as amusing/frightening to read. Goes on to talk about a picture he posts of a really pale lady with a swastika on her back. Then mentions "negroids".

I determined that the Internet was a Jewish conspiracy long ago, so I don't see what took him so long. Silly Aryan.