March 4th, 2007

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It's almost Godwin's law...

There's probably stupid all over this post, because it's about POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and THE ORIGIN OF WORDS (two topics which provide guaranteed wank), but I just had to post this particular comment which made me laugh until my sides hurt:

No seriously, being a member of fatshionista is just like living in Communist Russia and being tortured in a death camp. Really! Truly! Slow roastings and all!

Hahahaha. Wondrous stuff. Do dig out the other lulz and post them in the comments.
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now, andy, did you hear about this one?

suicide girls suck

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Hello, I work with the public! I have no idea why this crazy bitch accused me of "cursing" when all I said was "fuck," do you? Weirdo.

I also enjoy swearing at disabled veterans and threatening to give them abortions! Yes, even the men!

The posts themselves are stupid, of course, but the comments are fun too:

1) People arguing that mislabeled merchandise "isn't a big deal" and certainly doesn't constitute bad service;

2) zelly_21's relentless defending of the OP's actions in the second post, though even she can't come up with an excuse for throwing around the f-bomb;

3) A bunch of retail workers proving they have no idea what a military ID even is, much less what to do with one;

4) Everybody (OP included) who appears to believe that vitamin C is a dangerous controlled substance that you need to be carded for, and that taking one pill will make a pregnant woman's baby fall out. Bonus points for continuing to argue the case for controlling vitamin C purchases after it's repeatedly established that the man had to show ID because he was writing a check.
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Metaquotes Drama

Someone quotes some good old fashion values and these little snots, one that's actually named (little_snot ) gets all upset. The post it self  below and here's a link.

Remember back in the good old days when children were supposed to be seen not heard? I miss those days, just like I miss the days when artists were owned by aristocrats and paid to make real art, not just throw shit on a canvas. Man what happened to those days? I'll tell you what happened...a fool and his money are soon parted and marketing people realized that there's no one more foolish than the youth. So now all this programming and marketing is geared toward them and all of the sudden there are shows on television asking them what they think. Who gives a fuck what they think? Let me tell you something, the only thing dumber than a brain damaged linebacker is a child. Kids do say the darndest things, too bad they don't say the smartest things. Chances are, if you're under 30 then your opinion is ill-advised at best and complete horseshit in general.

That's why in my day when we didn't have these new things we would take the belt to them and teach them to act right. Hell, some of people do anyway. We wouldn't have them acting up like this all over the internet thinking it's funny and society at whole would be much better.

Minor dork stupid.

Over in girl_gamers, project_jeni makes a post advertising for the line of "Kiss me I'm Elvish" things that she designed in honor of St. Patrick's Day. omnissiah doesn't get what elves have to do with an Irish holiday, which leads he/she and privateskylark to read way too into everything. privateskylark also gets a bit touchy over the fact that the OP abbreviated St. Patrick's day as "St. Patty" instead of "St Paddy".

Like I said, it's minor and dorky, but it's been a slow day and people putting too much thought over a silly t-shirt phrase makes me giggle.
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First post. Yay!

Minor stupid over in clucky, but stupid nonetheless. Brought to you by kisses_are_love.

My 20-year-old best friend is SUCH a BITCH! She's pregnant and having an abortion because she isn't emotionally ready. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS SELFISH WHORE? Her boyfriend totally wants to make it work and can pay for it, too! WHY can't she see that this baby is a special gift from God?

How dare she make a responsible decision.

Here's the text in case it's deleted:

So my best friend is 20 years old and 5 weeks pregnant. She's having an abortion. I just want to scream and cry at the same time because god gave her this amazing gift and she's about to throw it all away. She says she can't afford but, but really (because I know her better than she knows herself) she's not emotionally ready and that's the only reason she's having an abortion. Her boyfriend makes plenty of money and he was all for having the baby. My friend however, just wants to party and drink and be merry. She doesn't even know if she wants to stay with guy she's with.

I told her if I was in that situation I would have the baby. I said everything happens for a reason. She then told me she was on birth control when it happend, so it's a mistake. She doesn't believe it's a wonderful thing and I just want to smack her. That's my SECOND best friend who's been pregnant. Granted, the first girl miscarried, but I just want to scream! If I was in her situation... God sometimes I wish I was in her situation. I'm the first to admit me and my fiance are NOT financially ready, but if were to happen I'd find a way.

Anyone understand my frustration?
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A little parenting to go with my copypasta~

In parenting101, debsters1101 asks where she can find cheap baby clothes that aren't (eeeeeew!) used.

When people ask what is wrong with used baby clothing, she copy pastes the same answer over and over again.

She then makes a new post thanking people for their sweet responses, and tells everyone who wanted to know why she thought (eeeew) used baby clothing was gross that they sit by the computer 24/7 just WAITING for someone to say something that you can analyze and turn into teh dramaz.