March 2nd, 2007

megan lick

There are always a few groups you can rely on in times of crisis.

The government is repressing the voices in my head!

Hi! I'm Sephiroth! What a COINCIDENCE! I'm Sephiroth too! Pleased to meet you, I'm the brother of Sephiroth! Charmed! Just don't call me Sephy!

Pee Ess: I have been tragically banninated from vaginapagina for "trouble-borrowing". Any day now, my vulva will transform itself into a 100% organic condiment factory. Who wants a bottle? I expect a vinaigrette, but no guarantees.

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1. Go to tools.
2. Go to options.
3. Click the content tab.
4. Go to the ticky box that says 'Load images'
5. Declick the ticky box.

Snots, where are you?

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Keeping this on the front page, for the people who may of missed this~


Just add ?nohtml=1

You'll still see the posts, but the text and images will just come up as tags. TO MAKE IT WORK ON PREVIOUS PAGES, REPLACE ? with & (Thankchu glitterbats! Take a bow)


1. Go to tools.
2. Go to options.
3. Click the content tab.
4. Go to the ticky box that says 'Load images'
5. Declick the ticky box.

This is perfect to get rid of the images so you can ad-block them without having to look!~


1. Install :

2. Go to "Manage User Scripts" for greasemonkey.

3. Click on the above installed script (kill color block)

4. Edit.

5. Find the part that says: font_tags[i].color (it's right at the end of the script) and replace color with size

6. File > Save (not save as)

Then you should just have to refresh the page and all the bastardized font tags should go away. The text will still be there, but at least it should be the default size your style sets it as.

(Thankchu, paperprincess!)

I think I might have an STD?!

Over in vaginapagina x_abc_x is worried because she has growths on her vagina/vulva. Does she consult a real life doctor? Of course not, she just posts pictures of her vagina/vulva for Dr. ElJay to diagnose!

Halp my Vajayjay Dr. ElJay! Beware, there are pictures of a vagina/vulva. A sick vagina/vuvla.

Baleeted. Screencaps thanks to surprisesex:

Please read.

This regards the "trolling" incident/experiment.

This community runs on trolling and flamming, yet you're complaining when you get trolled? Then you say "get a life"? Isn't something wrong with this picture? It is contradiction! You people get into a bunch of communities hoping that someone will say something stupid to post. Waiting, waiting, waiting, and waiting some more. Although sometimes it is a stupid idea, sometimes the things posted aren't really that stupid. Just someones own opinion and you guys just can't have that? Opinions? Then you all go flame that person, and for what exactly? "Lulz"? The occupants of this community are the ones that need a life. A actual life is better than spending it making fun of people you don't know and will never meet. And then saying all these stupid internet jokes in which I don't even get half of them. You are all a bunch of pathetic internet nerds. I laugh.

And for the record: I definitely have not been posted on Stupid_free recently. I may of or may not of been posted in here once before a long time ago, but who hasn't? When I first found this community I thought how stupid and pathetic the whole idea was. When I showed this community[Stupid_Free] to one of my friends they said, "It seems that only the stupidest stupid post here," and I agree. So one day when I was bored and had nothing to do because something I was going to do was postponed, I thought: "Why not tell them that?" Of course it would be pointless do to so because of the thick-headed, but why not? I haven't a thing to do today! I had a friend help me of course. There's no way I would be able to post so much by myself on two different usernames. I have never trolled before intill now. This is my first time, probably last, too. I'll have to admit that the "trolling" was amusing, nearly better than prank calls, though it was immature. Very immature. But so are you.

This community just turns everything into another stupid drama. Then when you get drama back, you complain. Then again, you probably live for this drama. But really now, stop. It's sad.

I realize that if there is replies to this post it will just be "OmG! Your Stupid!! Lalalalalala!!" Or "OMG! You can spell?!? WOW! Gold star for you!!" or someone pointing out a grammar mistake I've made to make themselves look smarter, along with other things you think are witty. It will probably be this, and all the other shit I've heard over and over again that I laughed at.

So if you do even bother replying, please let it actually be something intelligent this time♥ Please, contradict me.

I'am trying my best to be polite. I advise you do the same.

Mr. Niggles♥