March 1st, 2007

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first time post, not sure how stupid this is..

So, as usual, cf_hardcore  has no sense of humor.

silver11016 is angry because the Red Cross nurse didn't want her to pass out after giving blood and pokes mild humor at herself.

Basically, she does not weigh enough to give blood and the nurse turns her away. As silver11016 storms away in the typical fashion, the nurse tells her to come back after she has a couple of kids. To most people, it would sem that the nurse is making fun of the fact that she and/or other women who have had children don't tend to be underweight. You think cf_hardcore would jump all over someone admitting that 'moomies' are fat. No.

She smiles at me. "Come back after you've had a couple of kids."

This pisses me off. I waited in line for half an hour, I'm late for class right now, I can't give blood because I'm underweight, and now I'm being told to go breed so I can give blood? What the fuck does childrearing have to do with blood donation? I wonder. (I think she meant that the pregnancy weight would make me eligible?)

I glare daggers at the woman. "I'm childfree," I say. "I'll go eat a chocolate cake or something. Might as well have fun putting on the weight."

Then I grab my stuff and set out for class, fuming as I go.

Bonus bitching about the Red Cross, which while somewhat justified, seems excessive. Or even nonsensical in some places:

furthermore, from a technical standpoint, if you had no shoes on and you said you were in jammies, that counts as body weight by most standards of the medical areas i've worked under. furtherfuckingmore, she wants to haggle over 5 lbs when your reported weight was acceptable?

seems like the red cross still discriminates a lot. i'm glad they do what they do, but how the hell do they get to be so high and mighty?

Wouldn't you want to err on the side of caution when drawing blood?

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Very very minor.

Being on the Internet has taught me two things:

1. Anything and everything can be sexualized for your enjoyment/horror.

2. Fandom causes people to go batshit insane.

Over in lost_tv the world is ending, because OH NOEZZZZ someone is obviously getting killed off. It's pretty obvious, since they fricken told us he was going to die, and because the actor has all but admitted it also.

spell however is taking the whole thing way too personally, she will be taking her toys and leaving if the writers continue to ignore her favorites.

She wont be missed, apparently.

(Honestly, it's not just that poster, but the level of denial here is amazing. HE'S GOING TO LEAVE THE SHOW, DEAL WITH IT.)

Oh yeah, spoliers my Lost friends.

Found here.
Ska, Rude Girl, Me

Please guys,

If you reply to the trolls, in just encourages them to post more. Just either filter the community off your friends list, remove it temporarily, or scroll past. Trolls love the attention. Even this post, I understand is encouraging a little, but to spam a spammer brings you down to their level, and I'd think we here at stupid_free are at least a bit above that.

Yours in snark,


-Stupid Police, Icons division.
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Soup, serious fucking business.

Over in what_a_crock melodymuse posts a recipe for soup, using some canned items. alice_bunnie gets a bug up her ass and makes a post in domestic_snark about it, then she updates in when melodymuse posts an apology.

The original post is deleted.

Here is the apology: Serious Business

Here is the domestic_snark entry: Domestic Goddesses on coke

From: domestic_snark

Soup! It's Easy!
Let's try the HTML again! ;p

I made this soup! From cans of soup! Hey, I know I could have put it in the microwave for about 5, or on the stove for 10, but I thought wasting 2-3 hours of electricity was the way to go!

ETA: She deletes, then reposts an "apology". But, the comment following it snarkable, too. "you shouldn't apologize, if they don't like it, fuck them. i thought it was a nifty idea." Yes, you should go out and buy a big can of baked beans and put them in the crock pot! Isn't that nifty!

Edited! The recipe is back up here!

To distract from the trolling: adoption stupid!

Adoption only counts if you're adopting an older black child!

Of course, they only say this because they hate the character. Which raises the question: when the comic's creator is telling you to step away from the Rageahol, maybe you'd better?

Lots of citing of (dubious) facts and bickering ensues. Fantastic.

ETA: Damn! They caught on to my clever ploy, and are replying here. Please don't feed them.
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For all of you who do not have firefox, I recommend making a friends group entitled "not stupid_free" or something of the sort and then adding all of your comms/friends except stupid_free, (and then using that group to view your flist) thus not having to see odd pictures on your flist. Just a thought.
Eat a Bowl of Dick

The Something Positive Post Brings More Stupid -

In the form of a White, lower-middle-class, straight male who thinks it is incredibly unfair that there are scholarships for black people, but none for him!!!!

(By the way, I'm a white, lower-middle-class straight male, and there are, like, no scholarships geared towards me, and i can't afford college on my own, so, the disadvantaged black youth argument sorta pisses me off)

One single, solitary tear travels slowly down my cheek. I cry for YOU, white, lower-middle-class, straight male!

No actually, I respond with some helpful little links to the myriad of scholarships available to the disadvantaged white, lower-middle-class, straight male.

But wait - I misunderstood!

He replies:

I think you're mixing up the terms "geared towards" and "available to". I never denied that i didn't have any scholarship options. Because i have plenty of options. It's just that none of them are aimed at me. The second link has nothing about white people or non-colored people. The third one says nothing at alla bout ethnic scholarships. So how about you pay attention to phrasing from now on, kay?

So, he's pissed off NOT because black people get scholarships and he doesn't, but because although he has plenty of access to scholarships, none of them are specifically, especially, exclusively meant for white, lower-middle-class, straight, males?

Oh, I see.

Well in that case, let me amend my response:

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