February 28th, 2007

Big Girl Corset
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Over in foto_decadent, a comm usually for posting scans of fashion magazines, a cat fight breaks out. Fashion and cat fights, who would have thought?

Except it isn't over fashion. The relatively new mod of the comm, anteriority breaks one of her own rules by posting a huge picture and asking for monetary help for her artist friend. While this has nothing to do with the comm, some users are sympathetic or ambivalent.

in_hyung, however, is sort of annoyed that the mod is breaking her own very stern, supposedly unbreakable rules for something completely off topic and personal. The mod fights back and... well, it gets a bit catty. Mod gets defensive for the post and refuses to cut for the very large image, while others wonder why she can break her own rules "just because".

"This is me, singing my I Don't Care Song. You just can't hear it, because of the internet. It's great though. There's a chorus. And a refrain."

Edit: Aw, baleeted. Anyone have screencaps?
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Questionclub, again

Over at thequestionclub, ten_of_swords asks why "Why do people have to gay up everything with fandoms? Especially incest slashing, what the hell? Do people find it enjoyable or are they just pathetic and/or insane?"

kiwi_from_hell springs into action and declares the post the work of a troll or a moron, while slinksgirl and deviatednorm slap the OP's hand for using the word 'gay' to mean 'stupid.' Except the OP meant it as literally homosexual.

Enter the wank about the English language. If 'gay' can be used to mean stupid, than so can 'black!' But it's okay guys, because these words have lost all racial meaning.

I'd post more, but honestly, this hurts my head.

At least the OP gets an actual answer from at least one person.
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I was gonna post this earlier but it slipped my mind

I did not see what led up to this (I imagine it's probably locked anyhow) but these posts can stand alone.

Apparentlt licorice_pirate called some people fatties in vaginapagina. She then makes a post about the incident in sp4c3_gh3tt0 (pic of girl in underwear here, btw). She has since developed nail polish remover and ranch dressing in her own ladyparts, it seems, and mourns her inability to post about it in VP. Another user volunteers to post the problem to the comm.

Enter rotf_lmao, who is very upset about this. So upset, in fact, she feels compelled to make a second, flounceriffic post, decrying the perceived dissolution of the sacred Safe Space. Much drama ensues, with a special discussion about our own warm and fuzzy little community, in which it is explained that no snark in cyberspace is safe when the Safe Space is unsafe.