February 27th, 2007

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Japan + Westerners = lulz. Except for that whole atomic bomb thingy maybe.

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Trans men getting flouncy

rentwighurts has been getting everywhere in ftm lately. He has a couple of questions that are reasonable enough, except that he phrases them pretty clumsily, although he's not meaning to offend anyone.

He snarks people for no obviously apparent reason, earning him a modly slapdown from varanus, and goes head-to-head with regular poster icarus_after about whether it's OK to give out medical advice in LJ. (Edit: I missed that this one's locked, but the gist is that rentwighurts passed on something his doctor told him as if he had some deeper authority, icarus_after told him sharply to quit playing Dr Eljay, and both of them got wanky, with other members speaking in defence of both sides. Sorry about that.)

Finally, he makes a slightly flouncy post suggesting that icarus_after (who is no longer a mod) is unfit to be a mod and should chill out or step down.

Bonus stupid: an anonymous commenter claims that FtMs who previously identified as lesbian start dating men once they transition because they still want to be queer.

Edited again: The mods took the flounce down, but I did get one screencap.

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Paging Dr Ljs...this time, apparently, some sex ed is needed.

Meet babyfootprints, she is pregnant, and has recently been told she has an STD. For some reason, she thinks the incubation period could be a year, and of course it's not her husband because she knows EXACTLY where that man is every second of the day. Someone else also chimes in saying she has no clue where she got her's from either, because the bf hadn't been with anyone in 8 years, and she was always protected...well, except for when she concieved, of course.

A minor lulz found in pregnant that was open as of this posting.

Text under cut.

*oh yea, I realize you can get false positives...but that's kinda unlikely.

Found here:

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