February 26th, 2007

Giving a damn...

After cleaning up the dead fish...

I found heirtoruin's latest post on liberal.

The usual questioning about why Anna Nicole Smith is getting so much press attention, but the fun really starts when the OP decides that Fox News is involved in some sort of distraction ploy so that Democrats can be unethical.

Then revengeofclevestrbjunand starkruzrget into the whole "Liberal vs. Conservative Media" bit in the comments.

Minor stupid, but the fact that someone believes Fox News would help liberals is brain-boggling.
Betty and Veronica

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Over in graphicdesign, a normally wonderful community full of talented professionals, students and enthusiasts, rag_n_bag makes a post advertising a design contest. Design a logo for her celeb gossip blog and win a free DVD!

The thing to understand, though... the people in graphicdesign are terribly opposed to spec work and contests. Mostly because we like to get paid for doing work, you know. Basically, what this person is suggesting is that we spend our time doing our jobs and we MIGHT get paid. And in the form of a $20 DVD at that. P(I understand how the layman might not realize this is such a major faux pas... but we're trying to change that.) The OP is warned of the impending storm...

and in comes the flood. Okay... so maybe we WERE a little harsh at times (myself included, been a bad day). But designers do get a little tired of people belittling our work by offering us candy and "awesome portfolio pieces."

At first I was sure the OP would just slink off and continue on their merry way. But this one flipped the hell out. She let us know we were all mean. And crappy designers to boot (yet... you came to us?).

My favorite part is enve_oner's fantastic contest entry. That's worth a DVD of Grudge 2. Definitely.

Okay. That's my first ever post in this community. And I hesistated to post it because I didn't want to give graphicdesign a bad name. It's seriously one of the most mature and interesting communities on LJ. But this was too much fun for me to pass up.
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Doggie addicts

Has your dog ever bitten someone? Well, you'd better put it down.. that dog has a taste for blood! This is definitely NOT a myth or anything because my friend put her dog down because her vet said dogs get a taste for blood. You are just some stupid internet person and not a vet so obviously you are making things up.

Bonus stupid in the people saying that just because the dog tried to tear someone's throat out (with no warning) doesn't mean it's a VIOLENT dog.