February 24th, 2007


coflower doesn't seem to like the word "sammiches". It's a perfectly cromulent word, but it seems to send her off into fits of anger-ridden comments.

Not once, but twice! In food_porn, a poor hapless poster happens to use the word "sammiches" in a post. Eagerly awaiting an opportunity to malign Rachael Ray, our dear coflower jumps in the fray.

But this is not the first time she has taken offence to a simple little word.

A few weeks back, your hapless heroine asked two simple questions, one regarding the aforementioned WORD. So I need to learn English lessons from her, because my two year old vocabulary is not good enough for her.

ETA 11/12/07:

Thanks to everyone who voted for this one!

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Why is it that everyone here except me is a bigoted retard who trolls every single post I make? Just because I support equality for BOTH sexes, that doesn't mean I'm sexist. What kind of logic is that?

This history of Wussycat *is a fun and varied one.  Mostly, he's going batshit insane today.  And I love it.  This is refering to a know bahleeted thread, inwhich he asked why most women killer's lawyers use "PMS" as an excuse.  People wonder why he is constantly raggin' on the women, and he flips out, calling people "retards" abound.

ETA: http://community.livejournal.com/ask_me_anything/6441379.html another version of this post, in A_M_A

Here's some text from my comments to him!

lol, you. What a cute lil' troll you're becoming!
Why are you talking to yourself?
You haves "years". Which serve the same purpose as grades. I love how you're acting like such a bitch today! It's so cute!
You're talking about yourself again. Stop that.
Again, it's so good to know that the younger kids are using the internet these days! It makes me glad that everyone is embracing technology! Just make sure to stay away from those nasty chatrooms until you know when it's safe!
I'm 23. Can't you fucking count?

I apologize for the lack of screencaps, it was gone before I got a chance :(  More lulz to come though!

ETA:  Damnit!  Bahleeted!  Who the fuck deleted my post?

*Wussycat is of the "i will never touch a vagina because they're covered in urine" fame

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A double stupid:

Over in stupid_free, the_pr0letariat posts about how everyone is being mean to them regarding this post over in thequestionclub. They don't seem to understand that a)they have a useless major* b) they are wrong and c)everyone else is right and most importantly d)no one likes grudge wank unless it's REALLY good.

*I don't think philosphy is a stupid major. No philosophy majors were harmed during the creation of this post.

updated to add this link. He goes to philosophy to continue the whining.

Text from both posts under the cut:

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So, over at everyones favorite community thequestionclub I posted asking what colleges have good philosophy departments, seeing as I want to major in philosophy as an undergrad and would like to know where to start filling out my papers to. Now, most people I know, even some of the brightest minds, think that I am stupid for wanting to major in philosophy. Despite the fact that it's beeen proven that philosophy majors are the most likely to pass the bar exam to get into a good law school AND are the third most likely to get into a good medical school, in addition to helping you develop critical thinking skills and answering a lot of questions, the morons over there decide to flame me about how stupid a philosophy major is. Despite the fact in my entry I said "Yeah I really don't care what your opinion is, just anjswer my question" (althougH Iw ill admit I was a tad bit aggressive), they still flamed me, and to boot, they are wrong.

God, the ignorance of some people is astounding. I should have just posted this question to philosophy right off the bat and not even bothered with the question club.
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