February 23rd, 2007

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Sex Ed on ONTD!

It's really great that people want to know about things that aren't necessarily common knowledge (save for what you actually need to make a baby) but this is just ridiculously silly.

It's a minor stupid...(Speaking of Male To Female Transexuals)

From ohnotheydidnt

moi__et__toi asks if ‘Trannie’s have vagina’s why can’t they have baaaaaaaaaaaaaaabies?

contradictoire asks ‘Didn’t they teach you that you need female hormones and like a uterus to have a baby in sex ed? ‘ BUT! moi__et__toi says it's not her fault she doesn't know this! She didn’t major in transgender surgery like contradictorie did!


moi__et__toi wants to know where cum goes when a tranny has sex?

mslaynie proceeds to give her a lesson in the female anatomy.

Even later still,

eener points out it’s concerning how little that moi__et__toi actually knows about what’s needed for birthing a child, and more stupidity ensues.

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OK, I know, we all love the breast milk. However...

Over in parenting101, irangel has a baby who has been having the runs for a week, and is losing weight. The doctor (hey she called! kudos!) told her to place the baby on Isomil Diarrhea Formula for a week...but NOOOOO, breast is best! So, Doc LJ, what to do, what to do?

Minor stupid. But still, this peeves me. Don't listen to your doctor! Call Dr LJ!

Post was public as of this posting and can be found here.

Text under the cut.

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xprivate_eyex apparently doesn't grasp the concept of research...

On February 22, 2007, it was announced by authorities in New Zealand that a Colossal Squid an estimated 10 meters (32.8 feet) long and 450 kilograms (990lb) in weight had been captured. Fishermen on the vessel San Aspiring, owned by the Sanford seafood company, caught the animal in the freezing Antarctic waters of the Ross Sea. It was brought to the surface as it fed on a Patagonian toothfish that had been caught off a long line. The specimen eclipsed the previous largest find in 2003 by about 150 kilograms. The 10 metre squid is still considerably shorter than some estimates have predicted.

xprivate_eyex posts the article, along with this carefully thought out statement:

SO. It was the first living Colossal Squid ever caught, ever seen fully intact, and they FUCKING KILLED IT. They lured it to the surface and they fucking killed it so they could study it. I’m so horrified and outraged I don’t even know what to do. They could’ve tagged it and observed it and studied it that way, but no. They’d rather kill it. wtf. The fishermen could’ve just left it in the water, trapped in the net until the scientist people could get there, but no, they hauled it up on deck and now it’s dead.


in other news, if you don’t care about animals - LOOK, A FREAKING ENORMOUS SQUID!

useless_facts readers weigh in with their opinions:

cheesuscrist: OMG, leik scientists r so mean!

bellisaurius: Umm, don't you have to disect it to figure out how it ticks? xprivate_eyex: Nuh-uh! They were mean! They didn't have to kill it!

javachickn: STFU. "Your hostility towards the persuit of knowledge is saddening, and indicative of the age in which we live."

Edit - Deleted!

chia pets and babieeez are invadin mah interwebz EDITED

yay dead baabieezz

this gem is in childfree. i didn't want to be the spreader of the wank-o-rama but it needs to be done.

Ok now she is baaack with a "see i told you so post" that is f'locked so i cant put it here. but the gist is that the person who left to tend to his dying baby may have made that up as an excuse to get out of class so she is allll kinds of justified for being a fu-tard (idiot with kung-fu grip action) and the wankage continues....

A wank about penises. How apt.

Over in wtf_inc post about a British Viagra ad descends into:

"Onoes! A penis! You men are all the same, with your penises!""How dare you oppress my penis!"

"But what about vaginas?!" An explanation of the funny is offered, but loudxmouse carefully dodges it

And it all descends into madness.

A small wank, but is it really about size?

Oh, and this is a bit NSFW if you're worried about such.
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Dear stupidpetowners,

Do not read with the intention of flaming.

The majority of the indoor cats I've met are touchy, antisocial, and fat to boot. Indoor cats are more at risk for getting declawed by ignorant owners.

I don't believe that forcing a fresh-air-breathing being to stay indoors his or her entire life is the answer.

One must also not disregard the fact that accidents can happen within the home as well.

I realize that it's been scientifically proven that cats have "better" qualities of life living completely indoors, though this does not make sense to me.

LOVE, h0rsegurrrl

(punctuation and editing are mine, the original is damn long)