February 22nd, 2007

A closet obsession...is there anyone she doesen't hate?

men had their chance, and they're really not doing enough. i have a renewed anger at people who don't self-identify as a feminist when they do so because they think it's all hairy armpits and man-hating and don't see the point. they're blind.

You're so obsessed "female genital mutilation is written off as a difference in culture when it has nothing to do with any religion or culture. it's tribal torture, as backwards and horrifying as honor killings and honor rapes. it's mutilation that results in intense scarring, infections, infertility, near constant pain and uterine infection, increased complications and mortality rate during childbirth, and death.

honor killings and honor rapes are used as execution of tribal law. rape is used as a systematic act of war. they use rape camps to subjugate, to squash societies. in darfur, rape is consiously used as the preferred means of torture because they know it destroys the culture. in bosnia they used it because it shatters women within the additional context of islam, their way of life.

they go through a woman's vagina to destroy her soul, to destroy the world.

and i get goddamned sick of people writing it all off as feminist bullshit, especially men. i can't open a women's magazine without seeing something on violence against women in every single issue and men don't talk about it at all. and they have to talk about it, because the gender gap between rape victims is tremendous and entirely socially significant. over 90,000 rapes were reported in the united states alone last year, almost 100,000, and that's all that was simply reported, because men don't talk about rape or any violence against women.

my ear was held hostage by a sociopathic misogynist for nearly a full half hour of my life that i will never have back and i listened because he said that no one ever listens.

i mean, we all know that with me being all crazy feminist girl that i'm very much into women making their own life decisions, choosing to be a wife and mother, or choosing something else, or choosing to work, or whatever. but i really feel like a lot of my friends aren't really choosing. they're all getting married and popping out babies (not necessarily in that order) and doing it because either they feel like they should or that it's the only direction they have.

women are already collecting the equipment and medical supplies to start their own safe illegal clinics, abortion manual pamphlets are being mass published and distributed for free to prevent the backalley abortion mistakes of the past, and medications are being ordered from overseas sources, including ru-486, the abortion pill. each clinic in total won't require much more than $2000 to be fully set up and in working order, ready to recieve the women of south dakota. this is very real, and it's happening right this minute. this is the reality of a united states where abortion is illegal, and we need as a country to wake the fuck up.

an abortion procedure manual
keep in mind that this article is not on how to perform them on yourself, you'd have to be some kind of talented contortionist and masochist to do that, but it's an informational article on how to do one with all the proper tools in a clinical setting.

YAY! Libertarian wank!

raincloud314 is in desperate straits. Could libertarianism please, please, please help her out? She needs to know if the police have a special universal key to break into her house in order to search it without a warrant. Of course, the details of the situation are unimportant.

propopdan diminishes the seriousness of the situation when he fills her in on the secret tunnel system the state of Washington employs in order to access its citizen's homes illegally.

Other members of the community figure the landlord probably let them in, and raincloud314 wonders how the cops could have figured out who the landlord for her building is.

Disbelieving the perfectly believable and detailed story, cambler and others accuse the OP of paranoia and demand proof of her story, to which she replies that her neighbor went over to her house and saw the police there. AND he's willing to testify to it in a court of law! AND, with all due respect, it's those jerks like cambler who make her want to leave the fair state of Washington at the first opportunity.

There's more, but who wants a tl;dr for her first post?

I just realized it's a locked post, but the community is open for anyone to join.

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***edit***I took out the text. Missed the memo on the locked community post thing. But there is additional wank featuring everyone's favorite (mine, at least) misogynist, ikilled007, so it's really worth joining the community.