February 21st, 2007

Hippy Brewhexe

Occult stupidity - who'd have thunk?

In response to a post requesting help tracking down/constructing a Lilith Sigil, owl_clan posts a reasonably useful post showing how it is done here. Well known 'pure breed' forgoil feels the need to post about how the community is worshipping Jews and Jewish idolatry here, while lecturing us on how we will bow down before the righteousness of the cause here..

What of the great gods of the Goths and the Aryans, awesome in power who handed the world to the pure milk-white sons and daughters of the earth? I may be pale but I am not milk white thank you.

I hope you all know that you have no futures; when the Aryan Armageddon War comes, you will all perish in flames and boiling vats of excrement along with the jews and the mudraces that you have aligned yourselves with, all of you disgusting race traitors. Oh NOES!!!

A world of justice will be established for the White Man and Woman who are its lords by nature and design. We are? Gosh, thanks.

Comments are predictable - posts asking the mod to delete, calling troll, etc etc. Unfortunately this guy is not a troll and truly believes the crap he posts.

Bonus stupid in the original Lilith sigil posts - owl_clan is the latest LJ user name for Robin Artisson, an irritating SOB who seems to delight in insulting people just so he can rile them up, then threaten them with various 'OKKULT POWASS'. He has been behaving himself lately due to his previous accounts being suspended by LJ, but it seems you can't take the ass out of Artisson.

I know, shooting fish in a barrel...

But thailyover in cf_hardcore  really decides to push the envelope by declaring that she thinks it's unfair that her friend can get a sex change lickety-split but she can't get her OB-GYN to sterilize her.  Comments point out that sex changes are gradual and (in the early stages) reversable, while sterilization is risky and (somewhat) permanent.

If you think she actually listens, I'll give you credit for boundless optimism...

ETA: I fail at medicine - apologies all.