February 20th, 2007

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customers_suck members curse? OMG TEH END OF THE WORLD!eleventy!

claddagh812 posts to customers_suck about her annoyances as a receptionist. For a C_S post, it's actually relatively tame, but the OP uses the term "goddamn" which offends gracefallson_me. Cue the OP being more generous than I would and cutting the post, C_S members telling her to leave, then telling each other to leave, comments on gracefallson_me's bad capitalization, grammar, and spelling, and, of course, gratuitous use of "goddamn" and derivatives. Small, but full of stupid.

More Stupid from the "Pills R Bad" Post!

In the ohnotheydidnt post snarked here, ______desordre tries to defend the chicky that said her uncle was "healthy" after switching from HIV medications to herbal remedies and altering his diet by saying what she REALLY means is that he's in "remission".

Now, I don't want to get into another pills vs. holistic treatments wank over this. I use plain yogurt instead of gynelotrimin for the common yeast infection (TMI ALERT! LOL TOO LATE!! SUCKERS!). I drink tea with valerian root instead of taking sleeping pills. When I get a bronchial infection, I'm filling that penicillin prescription the next damned day. And I thank the Lord for the medicines that keep my friends with ADD and Scizophrenia's lives from being hell on earth. Anything that works is fine by me.

Anyway, back to the snark.

Another commenter points out that one cannot be in "remission" from HIV, as the virus is always in the body, even if dormant. Remission refers to a retreat of a disease, and HIV is not a disease, but the virus that causes it.

henisgaggot jumps in, armed with the most powerful of weapons: A dictionary definition! Unfortunately for her, said definition does nothing to bolster the idea of "remission" from HIV, and I point this out to her.

Still, she soldiers on. HIV is not a disease, and "remission" is the abatement of symptoms of a disease, but this doesn't seem to matter. She's found a dictionary, and it contains definitions!

She replies:

um yeah, there isn't remission in the sense that the virus leaves your body, but by dictionary definition, there is.

The period during which the symptoms of a disease abate or subside.


OK, fine, you win. People can be in remission from HIV if I can also walk around from now on claiming to be in remission from the common goddamned cold. AAAARGH
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Minor ask_me_anything Stupid

Minor stupid, and more amusing than maddening.

downwardlashes asks for help on translating some French on a onesie she bought for her baby. The literal translation is apparently "I like large like cat" which she suspects might be an idiom that's calling her baby fat.

The stupid is in the comments where answering the question is abandoned in favor of asking why it matters if the baby is fat and hating on fat babies, which then leads to hating on the fat baby haters. hkath finally swoops in to answer the actual question and danielabd provides a summary.

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I'm going to let you guys pick this one apart.

Once you read the question asked you just KNOW what people are going to respond.

Yes, there is the classic "I can't be racist my friends are (insert minority)!"

"Everyone is racist"

And also enjoying black cock over white cock is racist, that is what I learned today.
megan lick

and ickkkie the salminela thing must suck so hard , is it jsu tlek having food piosoning?

ZANTHREX 3 IS THE SHIT.And i mean it. Its THE SHIT, in the OO KEWL sence as well as the ...shit like...EW sence. Mostly I am charmed by her writing style.

Favorite quote: I mean its gotten better since the industrial revolution when ppl were constnatly putting out plaflets about ppls fingers in the meat n stuff but now its just somethign people dont talk about

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