February 19th, 2007

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In atheism, saucydiva states that I am from a Northern city, so diversity is mandatory and healthy. She later states that "Certainly there is a lot of people being forced to mingle, if for no other reason than we all take public transportation," and clearly mingling = desegregation. Really, the best way to overcome racism is "And that one of the ways to overcome these fears is to start meeting and talking to people on the train." (As racism is typically one group of people fearing another, and not one group of people creating institutions to suppress others).

You don't know the definition of "Plus-size"! I DO!

All women thinner than Queen Latifah have bulimia!  LOL!  Am I right?  Buy my stuff!

fatshionista  is normally such a nice community.  What's gone wrong today?

ETA: This post follows what seemed like months of wank over whether women under size 18 or 20 "belong" in the community, and who has the right to call themselves "fat." The larger community members felt bad when smaller women posted photos, and smaller woman felt bad when told that they were "normal-sized" and should suck it up and didn't belong in the community. Never mind how many stores have phased out clothes over size 12 or 14, or even XL. I'll always miss J. Crew.

ETA2:  For the love of Goddess, ladies, please stop commenting about how you're a size 6 but you do eat and digest actual food and this is clearly NOT TRUE OMG HOW DARE SHE SAY THAT.

I don't give a fuck how much you weigh.  Don't defend yourself to me.  The point of this post was to MOCK THE STUPID PERSON, not to take a poll of how many women in stupid_free are naturally thin.  Yawn.