February 18th, 2007

blue rhino

is Britney gonna ANS????

i'm sorry, but i really feel this post is a stupid. yeah, sure my last one was pretty lame, i get that, but seriously, thinking Britney's gonna pull an Anna Nicole because she SHAVED HER HEAD??!!!??!!

i can't even be bothered quoting most of the stupid comments, but i LOVE THIS ONE

til next....
~Kits~ (like, come one, this one HAS to make the cut, right?)
pee ess: i'd 'cap in case of lockage, but i don't know how (i have a daft keyboard), and i thought it was okies cuz it wasn't locked ~K~ (having read a previous post about locked posts. at least i think it was this comm... :/)
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Today at customers_suck, it's "I just don't get this whole ethics thing" day.

First, we have a plagiarized essay by traumawolfe about "the rules of the ER". The plagiarism, easily detected within the first few comments, plus the ibuprofen for demerol spite swap at #17 light a real fire under c_s's collective ass.

Luckily, stella4809 rides to the defense of the OP with a bunch of babble about the movie "Waiting" and how she'd never do that of course, ending with this poignant statement: Oh and who cares if he got the list somewhere else? It applies to his job. It is the INTERNET. Big deal. it's not like he's trying to publish it as his own.

She's smacked down of course - highlights include:

You're not a moderator, and your self-righteous opinion isn't important enough to justify its own post. - cumaeansibyl

Please. Just shut up now. - xeonha

And this bit of brilliance from ofthefield : I, for one, believe that my health is not as important as the doneness of my steak.

What a lovely treat for a boring Sunday!

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Okay, so over at ana_mk, I decided to spam/troll to see what kind of response I'd irk. I mean, I made it quite blatant I was being sarcastic. However:


Not even the obvious video game reference doesn't give away the fact I am being sarcastic. You know, I expect boatloads of bitching and moaning. Little did I expect that somebody would take me seriously. Unless they're being facetious/sarcastic, which, seeing as it's a pro ana community, I doubt they are capable of that.