February 17th, 2007

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  • shirono

Are you encroaching on my right to express who i am?

Oh, I couldn't wait any longer. At least three whole people declared this worthy of meta, and this is so frigging worth it, I didn't want you to miss it.

kitsunegari makes a convoluted post about Britney Spears, flaunting a harmless signature. BUT WAIT! She also finds it necessary to sign EVERY ONE of her many comments, garnering the beef of several S_F members. When asked to stop signing the comments, she pulls out the whopper:

are you encroaching on my right to express who i am?
freedom of speech allows me to do so

Such intelligent comments are sure to get the approval of the stupid_free-ers!

It gets better, with this whammy:

your argument is fallacious.

i am merely signing a 'document' (whether it be a comment, blog or email of a [familiar] nature: which is the category this 'document' falls under) my particular way of signing these sorts of 'documents' is to use my [name] and supplement it with a [statement or observation] either [relevant or irrelevant] to said 'document'.

this does not make me an idiot, for i am not acting in a foolish manner.

til next....
~Kits~ (are you really that old?)

To bring things to a neat little package, she has also been investigating individuals interests and journals for response-fodder. Mature!


Stay tuned, more action is sure to follow.