February 15th, 2007

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this is my first post, so: please, be nice.

those 'interesting' peeps over at booju_mooju are ever a source of amusement to me, but none more so than this 'superb' display of 'intellect'. apparently this family is well documented (i'm an aussie so i have no idea), and are ever a source of amusement and disgust.

the family itself deserve a mention as well, what with daddy (Jim Bob, how appropriate...?) on the campaign trail, with his family propping up at least half of the votes....

iydkmightky (i think the stupid is right there in the name, but that's just me) seems to think that a woman is incapable of caring for the chillins at such vast quantites, and her league of the faithful appear to agree

kudos, however, for the monty python reference. you knew it had to be there.

til next....
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So. You're carrying bags up the stairs, you're 31 weeks pregnant, and you *think* your water has broke.

What do you do?

1. Call your doctor?
2. Ask the internets?

[info]xelemenopeix decides to ask here

Now with text action: (I can't do screencaps)

So, i was bringing grocerys up my stairs and all of a sudden my underwear was was soaked! How do i know if my water broke or not. It doesnt smell like anything. I dont want to make a big deal about it if its not amniotic fluid. My fiance is at work. Should I call him? I dont know what to do.
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Not-So-Secret Internet Fatty

Today's stupid/WTF post comes to us courtesy of too_much_info. wings_unfurling posts an entry about how she's large and in charge in the bedroom... or something like that. And to show how considerate she is, she puts the tale behind a cut that says, "may not be work safe". And why wouldn't this tale be work safe? Not because of the entry's content. Nooooo. It might be because SHE TYPED THE WHOLE DAMN THING IN ALL CAPS!!!1!1!.

Immediately, commenters come forward to tell her that the post is in the wrong place and to be somewhat snarky/sarcastic. Predictably, she becomes a bit defensive. She gets called a troll once or twice too... but I don't think she is.

It's a mild one, I'll admit. I'm just killing time until my other half gets home.

ETA: I found what set her off on the little tirade. Caps here.

ETA2: She added a flounce edit to the post after I posted this. And the mod stepped in lulz. Thanks theblackdragon!
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Pee pee

Peeing in small cups might be a bad idea. The poster once spilled a cup of pee and didn't clean it up for weeks. How hygienic some people can be. However A++ to snatchbeast for pointing out a device that will help her pee cleaner in small cups.

"you know how a former poster peed in a cup and threw it out of the window? i have been doing that for the last three or so years. My room at home is on the third floor, (we have three floors) and sometimes i get lazy. The toilets far away. There have been problems, i once spilt a large cup of urine all over the carpet and the room stank for weeks, i had to borrow a friends carpet shampooing machine to clean it, claiming to all it was my so called incontinent cat. i have also peed in cups in bed, missed, gotten pee all over myself and my bed and not cared and gone back to sleep. To be fair, i have almost constant urinary infections, which means i often have to pee up to three times in the night. When i first left to go to uni, my mum found a several month old jam jar full of piss left forgotten under the bed. hah, she wasn't pleased, but i dont give a damn, i dont think anything will make me stop peeing in unsuitable containers.

On another note, can a maintainer please unban avidman? One post and I get banned? I am sorry for the lame post won't happen again, promise.

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Blah blah blah

Liberal arts students vs. Captain Lookatme.

I don't like to brag about my specific academic accomplishments (in both the liberal arts and the sciences), or what I've acheived outside of school in terms of other interests (such as being a trained severe weather spotter for the national weather service and working on a pilot's license) or the real work I do (such as the immense amount of volunteering and support group creation and maintenance I do for women in bad situations). Obviously, those individuals who like to believe me to be "irrelevent" are not aware of these details and thus, I will kindly not fault them.

ok bb whatevs

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Red Fog

More ONTD Stupid!

warmplay disagrees with Tim Hardaway's homophobic rant. But the very next words are that homosexuality is "gross and shit."

His comment is understandably attacked. To clarify, he compares homosexuality to vomit. And that anal sex is unsanitary. Others quickly point out that oral sex and good ol' vanilla ice cream vaginal sex are just as unsanitary.

Then he starts playing victim, saying that "OMG gay men can say that titties and vaginas are gross, but I say that I don't like balls slapping up against man ass and I'm called homophobic?????"

There's more win in that thread, including the assumption that the homophobic Needs A Warm Ass Play is from the South. Because nobody above the Mason-Dixon line are racists, bigots, or homophobics.

ETA: In case you would like context.

ETA, The Sequel: And he keeps trying to justify his views. I did not know that the penis goes into the uterus during sex. Did you?