February 13th, 2007


Can I get diesel from that kitty?

I need to know the gastation period for a cat?

mine is pregnant and I would liek to know how long before we have our new family members

Seems like a responsible breeder to me!

Edit: Blah, sorry about the poor quality of this stupid. I was kind of expecting it to blow up a lot more, as posts about unfixed pets often do. Instead it looks like a few people are poking fun at "gastation," a few are suggesting spaying, and the rest are actually answering the question. :-/

Edit2: Someone made a comment to this post and bahleeted it! For anyone who's curious, it read as follows:


The reason I got my kittens is because one of my neighbours found a very sick pregnant stray trapped under a garbage truck and rescued it. The cat had 3 kittens (mine!!) a few weeks later. The annoying part is that she posted about the kittens in a LJ community and got tons of "OMG UR DUM U DONT SPAY UR CATS THNX FOR BEING IRRESPONSIBLE JERK" comments.

Internet people are so quick to judge.

Cry us a river. The comment hasn't shown up in my inbox yet (I'm experiencing some lag times), but I'll post the name of the offender when it does.

Edit3: 'twas batman!

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ETA: Rats! You're right, this is the wrong community. I've been interchanging this and MTS in my brain for a bit, and thought, "hmmm... I'd rather share with you guys than them, really..." I wasn't aware of irl_stupid, so thanks for that. Would y'all rather I delete it, or leave it up as a convenient example of LJ stupid?

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First post here, so here goes nothing.

A while ago, I got into an argumetn with bloodlent, and boy oh boy, he was really fucking stupid. I have no clue whether he still updates his LJ with his stupidity and filth, but man, when I aruged with him, he was saying shit like "gays deserve to burn in hell and I am going to put bear traps around my house when I grow up to prevent the homosexual communists from taking over my house."

You can view our lovely debates over here. Be warned, they eventually devolve into mindless shouting and stuff, which is, of course, expected:


So yeah, hopefully that is evidence enough as to why bloodlent is an idiot :). No clue if perhaps he's had a change of heart since then, but I'm going to say he hasn't.

EDIT: Yeah, tehc ommunity I linked to also happen to be full of dipshits. Disliking homosexuals is a level of stupidity all on it's own, but these guys take that stupidity and take it to the next level.