February 12th, 2007

megan lick

I can't make this shit up.

Osama Bin Laden is trolling my journal!

It isn't just finding Bin Laden I am doing. I am doing a whole lot more in these dreams, and in fact, I have them with my friends alot, and other than trying to hunt down Bin Laden (b/c I need to do whatever I can to help the government in this so that the innocent can be spared). It all actually just started by me unintentionally finding him while flying through the caves for fun. Ever since, I wanted to keep trying to track him down to stop him.

Why don't people like this come here to bother us?

A whole new type of trigger.

This isn't really the best stupid, and it's a couple days old, but it's better than the recent troll posts (except the macro-fest, which ruled.)

Icons like yours that blink rapidly with highly contrating colors can trigger seizures in epileptics. Please consider changing it. Thank you.

LOL. gridlore is the LJ icon police now, I guess.

P.S. Mini-boasting time. I was just reading the OTF_wank entry about the mock_the_stupid "pneumatic blonde" stupidity, and one of my comments is featured under the moniker "Community wise-ass!" Wheeee! (The degree to which I am feeling honored by this is somewhat shameful.)