February 8th, 2007


I'll just wait till I get run over. Thank you.

Over in thequestionclub, an impressionable young bookwh_ore asks at what point does one need to see an OBGYN?

ships_sail innocently suggests waiting until something seems wrong.

lunarcapricorn joyously agrees: "Only go to the doctor if you're actually sick! I really disagree with the idea of going to the doctor every 5 minutes to test for a million different things you have a slight chance of getting. All that leads to is hypochondria and paranoia." ... apparently annual gyn exams are for shits and giggles and the amazing logic continues.
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Smoking pot rots your brains, and other fun with marijuana

Smoking pot is for losers - so says perfectisfake (whose journal name is "their's my big dumb blonde", which I shall charitably assume to be some kind of joke).

I point out a few famous pot smokers. But yup, Carl Sagan, The Beatles, Steve Jobs, Willie Nelson, James Brown, Aaron Sorkin, Bob Marley, Louis Armstrong, Graham Greene, they're all losers.

Then sotypical42483 joins in to ask And just because some historical icon smokes pot, that makes it okay or something? This leads to much arguing between a bunch of us, and then perfectisfake popping back to tell us that "pot gets you nowhere in life except dead brain cells & a growing addiction".

Fun times.

ETA: perfectisfake has proven to pretty clearly be a troll, but autumn_sylver is doing a great job of not actually comprehending what she's replying to right here.
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An Undying Rule of the Internet: It's all fun and games until people criticize something you like.

Over at ohnotheydidnt, a post is made about Dita Von Teese (aka Marilyn Manson's Ex-Wife) getting her corsetted waist down to 16 inches. A number of predictable comments expressing variations on "ew", "why?" and "OMG u guyz are sooooo uninformed about my subculture!!!" appear, but things really heat up when ohirome, who probably did not get enough attention as a child, declares, "Theres absolutely nothing sick or dumb or fucked up about this. Women WERE doing it everyday until the hairy backed feminist nutjobs decided to turn on looking decent, instead focusing on becoming more manly by the muthafuckin' second."

On a completely random note, here's a picture of Dita before she found burlesque. Corset fetishization may have a purpose after all.
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Oh bad_service, you devil.

lilblondedancr1 posts about a trip to the ER because her husband broke out in a rash within minutes. Bad service at the ER is weak, but the wank is in the comments, because, come on, rashes are always completely unimportant things that should never be worried about, especially when they weren't there 5 minutes ago!

Repetition is key here. If you see someone post the phrase "you went to the ER over a rash?!" or one of its variants, repeating it WILL make the story change. I never lie.

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I would just like to say this is the crappiest community of livejournal. I believe I don't need to say why either. And, if you are looking for me to reply to any of your replies...don't bother looking, none of you are worth a stupid reply!