February 7th, 2007


"I'll take Missing The Point for $400, Alex..."

Over at cf_hardcore, three different folks are having simultaneous explosions of anger.  What is causing so much gnashing of teeth?  A citizen-driven petition in Washington State to require married couples to reproduce within a certain period of time or have their marriages annulled.

The first explosion

The second volley

Third round of shot

Despite the fact that several people in the first thread have pointed out the purpose is to force Washington to address the issue of same-sex marriage, the other two get the vapors.  

Bonus for throwing the "But it may blow up in their faces!" whine and "Religious fundie nuts will spend millions to get it to pass."


"Pyramid Head"
  • surgat

mucilofamucil on: HPV vaccination.

Just about everything mucilofamucil posts is stupid, but this one sticks out:


"So if there has to be a law about HPV vaccinations, they should be illegal. STDs are good tools for reminding society that there are consequences for behavior."

"Let's face it: only reckless sluts benefit from this mandate."

Even the whackjobs in libertarianism think his argument is fucking retarded.

Also, on those who get HPV on account of sexual abuse:
"The only reason I do not let it convince me to support a vaccine mandate over a vaccine ban is that the demographic of people with abuse-induced HPV is so much smaller than the demographic of everyone else, and everyone else's personal responsibility would suffer if we made the vaccine mandatory. My opinion is that personal responsibility of all of society is more important than the health of the people who would end up with HPV because of abuse."

mucilofamucil: "You disagree with me, therefore you have HPV/you or your daughters are sluts."

"My viewpoints are only offensive to reckless sluts and those without HPV who want to involve themselves sexually with someone who has HPV dispite the STD."

Note: based on what I've seen of him in philosophy and related communities, I don't think he's trolling.