February 6th, 2007

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Found in _wtf

Disbelief of school closings somehow evolves into a mini-rant about the legal system. I'm not quite sure I follow his logic, but I'm suddenly reminded of every single "back in MY day we walked 5688756 miles to school in the snow" conversation my grandparents had with me.

The post, as stupid as it is, doesn't seem that stupid at first, until you stop to consider that areas surrounding the Great Lakes are expecting wind chills as low as -25ºF for the next few days.
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Blue eyes jews get schnitzel, brown eyed jews get the train to Auschwitz.

eleuthreophile wrote in irl_stupid:

So a bunch of my friends and I went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch today. While there, the following (paraphrased) conversation occured:

C = my dear friend, who apparently has more beauty than brains
G = another good friend, who has brown hair and brown eyes (this is important)

C: Dude, I have blond hair and blue eyes... I so would've been killed during the Holocaust.
G: Dude, no. Hitler killed people like me, not you. You would've lived.
C: ...What? I thought he hated blond people.
me: *facepalm*

And I thought most of my friends were with it. Oh well.

This is the link: http://community.livejournal.com/irl_stupid/3703.html. I'm at a loss.


attack of the puppets!

Everyone remembers sweettexangrl25 from last week, right?

She came back to the original post a few days ago to remind us why we were snarking the hell out of her in the first place, for those who missed it...

And now, her sock puppet new identity aim4thefuture has come to call otana a bitch! (Apparently it's okay to swear and call names if you're pretending to be someone else at the time.)

Oh man, it just keeps going. I shouldn't have called her out so quickly, we could have gotten so many more lulz first.

Comment is deleted already, but that's ok, I've got art.
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Oh, please let her come back....

PS, I know she's an idiot, but don't snark her journal. Let it fly here.

ETA: aim4thefuture/sweettexangrl25 is now going by cypresschica81.
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It's locked, but has open membership.

rottenpeices posts about how he doesn't hate gays, but he offends them.

There is further stupid in the comments from zarathrusta who claims that a man raping someone is more threatening because he does it with a penis than when a woman commits a rape.

I don't know how to do screencaps, and I am somewhat tipsy, so if someone could do so, it'd be great.

Edit: Here is what the post says.
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Ok, I've made screencaps of the post and some of the ridiculous comments.


UPDATED - Sorry it took so long.

So over in bad_service, naishinnou makes a long rambling post about some bad service she got.

When you filter out all the crap that isn't important to the story, what it becomes is "So there are some people whose job is to clean up the trash around our building, and one day I got into my car, and one of the workers tapped on the hood of my car before picking up some garbage! So I flipped out because of it but I didn't get to yell at him cause he went into hiding! And the fact that there was some more garbage on the ground by my car later was revenge HAHAHAHA!"

Or at least I think that's what it is - I only skimmed it, but based on the comments there so far I didn't miss anything.

I can't decide which is more lame - how it takes her 2 pages to say "some idiot touched my car so I got mad" because she needed to include things like a page on where the bus stops in the area are and something about tumbleweeds, or how she seriously freaked the fuck out over said car being touched.

Oh, and she lives in her own world where she can send someone to jail over touching the front of someone else's car.

Not the best stupid ever, but still very amusing.

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