February 5th, 2007


In before Boomstick

Over yonder in wtf_inc comes wee_tim who realized during the super bowl that every single commercial was making him say to himself, "What the fuck?"

But not in a good way.

For example?

That commercial with the bunny, guinea pig, and mouse for Blockbuster. Light hearted joke featuring semi-noticeable voice actors? I think not. Animal abuse. Pure, full blown, CGI, animal abuse. Call PETA.

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While there may have been some sort of rational message behind the entry, it's lost in the overwhelming, "WHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?" factor.

The usual, "What the fuck, get a sense of humor" comments began pretty much immediately. At which point he started deleting them. Later justifying this by saying, "I hit the wrong button."


The majority of the comments are just me and boomstick messing around because our comments were deleted pretty much as soon as we posted them. I mean hey, we were civilized at first.

Seems like a trollish post, but eh, I've seen the guy post before. He ranted about the ATHF bomb scare in boston being perfectly legitimate and that the authorities had every right to..well..that's another story.

Oh and P.S. Always remember. Sierra mist will kill you for a soda.
megan lick

Ganked from domestic_snark

mama_mandala has read an amazing book about magically delicious precocious Ugandan babies. She also sounds negative about carseats. You can guess how it goes from there.

Don't miss amazing child genius naujagimis:

i have a strong hatred for them, stemming from my own childhood. i'm an 80s kid...so i had a carseat of course, but i turned out to be a little houdini. i could escape from anything, not just carseats, and it was one of my favorite games. imagine my mother's despair. she wisely gave up on the carseat pretty early, because not only could i reason with her convincingly at age 3 about why i should be able to go without it, but if reasoning failed i would simply get out of it while the care was moving. so i wore a regular seatbelt with the shoulder-strap behind me. i also was a speed-demon and my parents introduced me to wonderful toys such as motorcycles, corvettes, monster trucks, 4-wheelers and boats of all kinds, all of which i enjoyed without the indignity of a carseat.

"reason with her convincingly" = "pitched an unholy fit until she said 'FINE! See if you like tasting asphalt, brat!'" y/n?
doctor: donna wish i could be

she just stared at me, stared at me the way a cow stares at an oncoming train.

bad_service; brunhildevalkyr went to joann fabrics to get some fabric. she was approached by a solicitor "donation seeking person" - a little girl asking for donations to help fund a christian youth group something or other. she shooed the girl away and stood at the counter waiting for the three employees she could see to stop talking.

and stood.

and stood.

and when she got fed up, she threw the fabric onto a shelf and went up to the front and yelled at them "omg u lost a sale omg i need ur namez" flouncetera.

"did you ask for help?"
"no, their job is to help me."
"did they see you?"
"i was like looking and trying to catch their eye."
"did you wave or ring a bell or anything?"
"there was no bell or anything, i looked."

bonus: she types... everything... just like this.... i don't know if it's... more dramatic... or if it's just... a long run to her LJ.... maybe... she's captain kirk.

EDIT: (an update from her personal LJ; no snarking there) "so when i called back i talked to the same woman but i didn't say anything, just hung up." EXTRA BONUS: dwa20 has taken her side, and she uses star wars to explain to her son... something about one of the men in her life; i'll be damned if i know what she's talking about.

and this stunning retort in the b_s post comments: For the people with punctuation issues...

Yes, I know I am a lazy typist on LJ. I know how to use punctuation, I just tend not to when I'm not writing formal things. Is it a bad habit? Yes. Will I be changing it because someone complains to me? Probably not. Will I be changing it because people try and shame me? Nope. You can't stand it? Sorry, it's a habit I've had for a long time and it probably won't change.

Hey, at least I use words instead of abbreviations:P

EDIT EDIT i don't know if it was a S_Fer or not but whoever decided to anonymous snark her personal LJ, BAD EFFING FORM.