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February 2nd, 2007

First Post ZOMG!

So, missangyl makes a post in customers_suck about strange habits of horny chat line callers, and also mentions that her customers don't actually know they ARE customers. They think I am just like them, paying to use a chat line to get to know them.

This INFURIATES godrogma who accuses missangyl of being a con-artist, a shill for whatever company, pretending to be a customer to people! (Won't somebody please think of the horny pathetic losers?!)

In the same thread he accuses her of being a 'phone whore' and goes on further to explain that she has no right to complain about what they have to say anymore than a whore gets to complain about her job. Luckily caityross points out that whores DO in fact, get to complain, and there are several of them in C_S.

Somehow godrogma strikes me as the type of guy who's just recently found out that the silicone bimbos on the chat line commercials aren't real and aren't interested in the callers and is taking his anger (RAWR) out on 'teh fakers'.

Feb. 2nd, 2007

How stupid managed to infiltrate corsetry, I'll never know.

OH WAIT. It got in when someone decided that anyone inquiring about corsets involving crotch straps and vertical compression MUST BE a: female, b: submissive.
(Warning, pic rather NSFW)

Protests that, "Wait! Maybe this person was speaking generally and not implying that YOU specifically are a sub!" don't really convince me.


lizziey  is pregnant... with her third child. Did I mention that her other two children still haven't been given back to her? And if she doesn't get them back before having this third baby, the state will take it, too. - source

Needless to say, prego_drama is having a field day with this one.

Contents of the protected pregnant post are under the cut.


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