January 31st, 2007


small badtattoos_4 wank

_nofuturenohope wrote the following:
I think fat people are doing the right thing by getting fat people tattooed on them, because seriously, why have a skinny one on a fat person?
(above pics NWS due to man boobs and pubic hair)

In regards to this tattoo:
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hollaymc declaired his/her disgust in "a fat bitch tatted on an arm"
to which 
foxbaby retorted with "judging from the photos on your LJ you're no prize pig yourself"
tinkerhellish jumps in and posts a photo of hollaymc to show she is not fat.
xprivate_eyex then replies to the above with "ahaha, you may not be fat but you are fucking ugly. Proactiv and a nose job can work for you too, honey."

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I'm losing faith in humanity.
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ONTD stupid

Pretty much everything in ONTD deserves to be mocked, but this really stood out to me.

retrowaster asks, "What is an abortion like?"

And is met with cypresschick22's great words of wisdom, "its killing of a baby that nobody should do and if they are going to have sex they should be ready for anything and not kill the mistake they made ugh people are heartless bitches"

She's already had her ass handed to her, but I felt the need to share.
doctor: donna wish i could be

this post is not about the civil war or babyslaves.

scene: thequestionclub
OP and question: moodle asks "how do you classify yourself?"

"omg i do not classify myself!"
"if i had to label myself i'd be _________"

_mathlete pops in and shreds the innocent fun: "i classify myself as 'over the age of 16 and therefore too old for this.'"

when brokenbubble says "it's human nature to classify things," _mathlete comes back with "there's a difference between classification and high school cliquery." [omg therez no such thing as preps/goths/hippies after high skool]

more updates as the wankage develops, though everyone else so far looks to be playing nice; a quiet, minor stupid to distract us/temporarily relieve us from the pressures of the bigger headache-inducing stupids from earlier.

incidentally, s_fers, how do you classify yourselves? i'm an apathetic fashion-trainwreck animal lover.

Whhhaaa Its Not Fair! I Got Knocked Up By The DeadBeat First!!!

over in parenting101    , sux_it_up    creates a post asking about what would happen if a woman who had had 5 kids taken away were found out to be pregnant again, coincidentally by sux_it_up    's ex boy friend. Sound like a legit concern until you get to a comment where she says yeah thats what i plan on doing that... it just unfair to my kids.. one is on the way within two weeks.. and my 20 mths old son.. the father chose not to be involved in their lives.. and he is willing to get her pregnant and willing to be there for her while he wasnt there for my first pregnancy nor second pregnancy.. it makes me feel so guilty i felt so bad for my kids that they will have to go thru that.. oy , when someone tells her to call CPS.

Ok. Now it sounds like a WHINE. How dare they get pregnant when I got pregnant by the loser first! When this is brought up she whines some more about how dare he get someone else pregnant, as though him automatically knocking her up eliminates him from knocking any one else up. People continue to point out to her the stupidity of her comments, and she still continues to whine about how irresponsible it was of him. Hmmmm, peeking at her journal she knew he was a loser by at least her second pregnancy...so here's a wank for her!

Yes, I think someone who has had 5 kids taken away legitimately shouldn't be having another one, but I also think there is a lot of bitter bias to this girls story and therefor wont believe all of it till I read it on the news (and even then I'd have to wonder!).

ETA: creamicannoli   has brought it to my attention that she has since added a new paragraph to her original post about how mean all the members of [info]parenting101 are, and she is leaving. The WHAAAAMBULANCE is on its way! But hey, at least she didnt delete, as so many other whiney posters do.
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Penis wank. More funny than stupid. Courtesy of TQC, naturally.

Mother, do you think they'll try to break my balls?


lakepollock and blackshini, women that would debate the foreskin holocaust.

A lollercaust, in sequential steps.

1. Non-circumcised penises make it more likely to contact HPV and HIV.
2. Circumcision: Human Rights Violation?
3. Bonus: keep_on_tugging. Lol, wtf?
4. Further down the thread -- Piercing the ears of an infant: Analogous to circumcision?

Best exchange:

lakepollock states, "a community on livejournal is not the majority of a culture."

blackshini retorts, "Then why ask this question in a community on livejournal?"

As a feminist, I appreciate the ownership of females over their own bodies. Is this not a wholly male issue (excepting the outrageous practice of clitorectomy, of course)? Clearly, mommy knows best.

ETA: This is a couple of days old, as I had to wait for moderated membership approval in order to post.
Cookies ♥ Milk {Threadless}


ellinorianne makes a post showing Britney Spears in the backseat of a car with her two sons.

First people think that Jayden's carrier bar is the steering wheel and she's got them in the front.
When that is cleared up people start wondering if Jayden is even strapped in.
Some people don't even care and start a thread about wisdom teeth being pulled.

But the "fun" really begins when rockstarbabe posts saying "it's people like this that make me wonder why God took my child but yet, blesses them with children. I just don't understand." with an icon of her dead baby.

Most people say that they are sorry, but brenden says "I don't think I could ever exploit something like that on Livejournal or in an icon."

There is a discussion on whether people deserve to have kids

despedida chimes in and says "lol miscarriages are gods little surprises wrapped in blood clots."

The thread is really long so sorry if I missed any extra WTFs. I didn't read it all.

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Gather round, everyone!

It's time for Reading Comprehension 101, with your professor, cafeauxbasques.

Which of the following describes what this sentence means?
The Colbert Report tapes Monday through Thursday. We are not taping the weeks of February 19th and April 2nd.

1) The Colbert Report gets a long weekend, and takes a week off occasionally.
2) There will be no new shows for the entire month of March.
3) I want that schedule.

Congratulations, if you chose option 2, you're snowwhitetrash

This is of course wrong, but our dogged original poster continues to insist that Comedy Central's website does not lie. Truthiness indeed:

snowwhitetrash: this was found on the comedy central colbert page, and all i did was copy/paste, so it is exactly as it was on there.

if you dont believe me, go there and click on the ticket information part.

sugar_and_scum: Uhh, we believe you, we just don't think you get it. It says AND, not THROUGH. They're only taking off for two weeks.

lightfromlight: That's what it says on the site, yes. But it says "AND." Not "THROUGH."

The post is locked, but the post is just the bolded line.
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