January 30th, 2007


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tinkerhellish posted
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photo in badtattoos_4.

Alas, the owner of the body comes along and demands the photo be taken down.
cue snark. (it's only small at the moment, but I expect it will escalate later)

The post is full of lovely bits.

 Like this   one between tinkerhellish and ashe_frost over self esteem and a healthy weight range.
edit-They kissed and made up. But it's still full of wank.

edit- pic NSFW. Community has friends only posts but open membership.

triple edit- tinkerhellish has since removed the pic due to the owners wishes. In it's place, she posted this:
[#1 removed due to whining. Sorry your tattoo sucks, Sorry i didn't hunt you down after doing a Google search (OHNOES! Google stole your pics 2!!1!!), Sorry your soft-core internet arteestic pictures don't make enough money for you to get a cover up, and sorry you failed to see the two extremely mature discussions about how weight extremes influence teenage girls. Cope with it.]
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NOTE: All links except the ones to stupid_free are now dead, check the edits at the end of the post for archives and reposted comments.

sweettexangrl25 posts to cooking asking for comfort food recipes.  A few posters ask for clarification, at which point she accuses them of not wanting to help.  She then demands that everyone stop commenting because she is DONE and DOESN'T WANT ANY MORE HELP.

Some people point out that everyone's ideas of comfort food are different, and some ideas of her tastes would make it easier to suggest recipes.  She refuses, and even goes to 3339666's journal to leave a snarky comment.  She gloats over how much drama she has caused.

A few days later, she apparently decides that there wasn't enough drama, and posts a half-hearted apology.  I left a comment explaining why people had been asking for clarification in her last post, then realize someone had already pointed it out later in the comments, and deleted it (here it is, reposted).

She went batshit at me for deleting "her" comment.  I pointed out that it was my comment, and several other posters chime in telling her to calm down.  She says if they don't like it, they should leave.

All hell breaks loose with people deleting comments to piss her off, names thrown around, parodies and all kinds of drama.  It's glorious.

I'm still not sure if she's a troll or not.  She strikes me as someone genuinely argumentative and stupid who just doesn't understand how LJ works and how to talk to people.  Either way, it's entertainment for an evening.

EDIT #1: Beaten. :)

EDIT #2: Additions!

push_pin asks the very on-topic, since this is a cooking community... are we allowed to feed the troll?

sweettexangrl25 demands that ecchipiro stop liking her instantly, and then procedes to use the very same curse word that she trolled 3339666 for using.

And don't forget. She's special.

EDIT #3: Bahleeted! Thanks to insolentmuse for having the foresight to archive it earlier.

EDIT #4: I realized I still have some comments and replies in my inbox. Let me see what I can assemble:

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Those are all the comments that I have saved.

EDIT #5: Wow, look at all these edits. But we have more archives, courtesy of domestic_snark! See them here.

EDIT #6: Oh noes! sweettexangrl25 found out (read: was told by creamicannoli) about us! And she even went as far as reporting me to sayonara_snot and lord_snot! What evil punishments do you think our benevolent mods might have in store for me?

EDIT #7: Official response from lord_snot in response to the complaint: "LOL". Apparently sweettexangrl25 doesn't like our MODS very much.

Also, amyrebeccah managed to save a ton of comments and e-mailed them to me, so here they are:

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Wow, this post got huge. Glad everyone had fun with this one. Well, except for sweettexangrl25, I don't think she likes us very much. :(