January 28th, 2007

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miss_angey made a post over at cat_macros, with a link to this youtube video of a cat inside a pet washing box of some sort.  The cat gets quite terrified and jumps around, but obviously is not injured.  The choice of music added to it, most can agree that the video is at the least a bit tasteless.  However, cat_macros is a community ONLY for cat macros, and it states explicitly in the comm rules that posts that are off topic and do not inclide macros will be deleted.

Several members tell miss_angey this, and as you can see by this screenshot, he/she takes this to mean that the members of cat_macros are horrible people who have tiny, atrophied black hearts because they told him/her that the post was off topic, instead of rising in furious anger against the injustice of bathing a cat.  He/she says this in all caps, with many exclamation points, naturally, and then edits in what seems to be a flounce.

The entry appears to be deleted now...

ETA - Oops, almost forgot some of these choice comments!

A small ONTD stupid.

gnome me

Warcraft stole my husband!

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The stupid, it abounds. It abounds in Tyra's egging-on comments, "He left you for a game, where most men leave women for their friends! But there aren't any people involved here, it's just a video game!" Actually, Tyra, WoW's an MMO. It's more comparable to doing something with friends than sitting at home playing Pong. But oh well, people with talk shows that are supposedly about helping people don't really need to do research, I suppose.

Next stupid? Read the comments. Apparently, any grievances she may have had are negated by her weight gain. SHE'S UGLIER THAN A TAUREN, OF COURSE HE PLAYS WOW! Because a loss of interest in your mate warrants...video games. Seriously, if she had been Kate Moss the internet's sweaty WoW nerd population would have leapt to his defense. I'm willing to bet they're not terribly svelte themselves, point in fact.

And the guy. Now, I don't know if she's just freaking out over nothing, or if he's honestly being a douche, but..."I started playing WoW, because I was afraid my baby would die of SIDS?" Wtf? Damn, that's a helluva stretch.

And finally...once Warcraft-guy is badgered into giving up the game, he lets them shred the discs on national television. OMG HERO! *applause* Except...you don't need the discs to play. If he ever needs to reformat, guess he's sunk though. Seriously, this amuses the hell out of me. Wonder how he's holding out with Burning Crusade just coming out last week?

Nota Bene: I'm not taking sides. I play Warcraft and love it, but I'll readily admit that some people take it too damned far. Whether that's what's going on here, I hesitate to say. It's probably both their faults, but amusing stupid, nonetheless.

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