January 27th, 2007

animal collective

I'm not a scalper... GIVE ME MORE MONIES!!!11

I know, I know. This is the 2nd melbournemaniac post I've made but the stupid runs strong in this one I promise.

mistressgeanie made a post offering to sell a Big Day Out ticket (normally costing $120) a while ago (sorry I can't find the post, I tried) but has trouble figuring out who to give it to.

So she makes a new post telling us all about her genius plan - "Make me your best offer for this ticket, starting at $100. The offer can theoretically be anything, but money is preferred. This seems like the fairest way to work this out to me, since I really don't know who was first."

When suggested that she check timestamps of her emails she reponds with: "Well for now I want to see what the offers I can get are, and I'll work it out from there. I'd rather have a number of offers rather than the first who mailed, since some mailed before others with interest but nothing definate."

Then calls "LJ the place of whinging" when people see through her bullshit and call her a scalper.

And finally in true stupid fashion - the obligatory "TAKING MY TOYS AND GOING HOME!!!11" post :)

Also, CERTAINLY NOT CONDONING TROLLING IN HER JOURNAL but the check out her Che Guevara layout header. Oy vay.
Dead Bob

Minor Stupid, But Amusing All The Same

foreignland goes a little off-topic because she discovered the joys of a vibrator.

bebewood thinks that if you talk about sex past middle school, you are a slut, desperate, and would brag about herpes just like Paris Hilton.

There are more goodies from bebewood in there, including the requisite name-calling that insinuates that foreignland is fat and ugly. Because that's how you get your point across in ONTD (along with woeful grammar and spelling), especially when you want to claim that you're more mature.

ETA: HAHAHAHAHAHA! And she comes to further prove how much she loses at life. It's so much fun to see everything go WHOOSH! over her head.