January 26th, 2007

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i left my iPod out when the realtor was showing the house and it is now missing omg

in bad_service, slrcosmos laments the loss of her iPod after a realtor shows her house. she [the OP] has left it out there on her desk in the open before and nothing happened then, so how could something like this possibly occur in her home?

the entry itself is pretty minor once you get past the i left my $300 tiny electronic device out when i knew strangers would be walking through my house part. what's juicy is the comments, when sensible b_s members give sensible advice ("contact your realtor," "file an insurance claim," etc) and the OP replies to basically everyone with "does that mean i have to lock up my DVDs, my TV, my DVD player, too? what about my laptop?"

personal favorite: "I can't just hide my entire room every time we have a showing."

it'll probably stay minor (only 26 comments at the moment), but it just boggles my mind how she didn't expect something to happen. "the realtor let them walk out of the house with my iPod; next my 52" HDLCDBBQTV flatscreen will be walking out the front door under someone's shirt!!!1"
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spotted this in metaquotes and zomg, you cats in livejournal_uk are crazy (pun intended.)

for those of you that watch hgtv like i do, this pet washing machine was on there at a pet gift trade show, promoted to be available for commercial use in grooming and vet offices. not shown, the part where they put in a dog who sits politely and is none the worse for wear, and even a child:

now this is not a whirly twirly washing machine but a box that sprays water, then tear free soap, then rinses an animal inside of it. and for anyone who has ever had to give a cat a bath, they know that a cat is going to flip out no matter what washing method is involved.

some people don't share that life experience and so some choice wankery equating washing a cat to pedophilia ensues.

Her: "I'm not insane, yet!" World: "We disagree."

Okay, the drama level is miniscule, but the stupid here is great, so I had to post it.

(WARNING: The linked post contains a vintage advertisement for a Vibra-Finger gum massager. Not explicitly NSFW, but there is a large picture there that says "VIBRA-FINGER" on it. Click with caution!)

In vintage_ads, mort politely asks nocturne333 in this post to change it up a little:

"Er... is it just me, or are you simply going back through this community and re-posting ads from prior entries ? The last three images you've submitted have been seen here before, including the one shown above: I know because I scanned it from a magazine in my collection and posted it myself.

There are many funny, bizarre & unusual vintage ads to be found out there; why not share some we haven't already seen?"

nocturne333 'SPLODES.

"Do you really think I have the time to check the entire archives whenever I post an entry here?? Of course I would never post an entry previously known to have been posted - why the hell would I, BITCH? Obviously many people haven't seen these ads before - so I suggest you step down from your self-erected pedestal RIGHT NOW, and stop acting like you were The Queen Mother -she's dead already, JUST in case you didn't know. You are deliberately malicious and without due reason. Enough!"


Well, it's just because you're Finnish and you can't recognize EEVOL!

Either that, or YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD!

Unsurprisingly, she is leaving the community.

That's a shame.

Yes, it's only a bite-sized stupid, but I recommend you savor it like a small after-dinner mint. And keep an eye out for nocturne333 -- I am expecting great things from her in the future.
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that rabbit's dynamite!

*an apology in advance if my spelling isn't up to snuff, the 'e' and 'w' kys on my laptop are on the fritz.
**edit: fixed the superpetz link


i was checking bad_service to see how the realtor post was coming along (eta it's got some healthy wankage now), when i came across sardonicsnake's post about bad pet store service. he (she? not sure, seems to be going both ways in the comments) and girlfriend saw some cute ferrets in the cage and, being pet store patrons (who omg!have never met a meen ferret evar), proceed to poke the ferret.

and OP almost loses a finger (apparently) in the attempt, because (newsflash) ferrets don't like to be poked at by strangers. "but but we didn't see the sign and every ferret i've ever known has been liek nice!" the store employee, in the middle of a sale, catches some flak from the OP for not rushing over to help detach the ferret. "omg the store is keeping their ferrets in inappropriate cages and not socializing them enough!"

after this ordeal, OP and girlfriend return to superpetz (clearly not a chain) in order to find a deal on a rabbit cage. "omg the rabbit we impulse bought has a very common petstore rabbit disease, help me ASPCA, you're my only hope!"

i particularly like the "people like you are why there are signs on toasters now warning people not to take the toaster into the bathtub." in the comments.
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Ganked from otf_wank.

Over at ferrisstate, wyckedangel goes off about "assholes that don't have enough sense to clean your fucking cars off before getting in them to drive off". Drama occurs immediately, largely revolving around wyckedangel's amazing g0th userpic. We also get extra drama as the OP proceeds to imply that rachy is being a careless driver, alluding to an accident apparently involving a mutual friend. rachy bows out early, though, but her fight is taken up by another, who proceeds to make two more shit-stirring posts about it, with wyckedangel taking the bait every time.
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Stupidity in the Making

Over at The Question Club, neongreenleaf asks the community What's your favorite Helen Keller joke?

pageless doesn't know who Helen Keller is, and asks the thread. She explains why; she's Canadian (from a small town), and Helen is primarily an American historical figure. The OP asks if she graduated from the third grade, carlyrq thinks this is a lame excuse, as she is also Canadian, and seethecradle asks if it's rykani's town's fault that she's ugly and 'bad at done grammar' as well. Seethecradle then takes offense at being called a troll.

As it stands, it's rapidly turning into a wank about education and English grammar.

And at the end of it all is a completely and entirely unrelated rant about racism and "You People."

Stay tuned.