January 25th, 2007

megan lick

Small stupid, but I kinda want to slap her.

I know when I want to post about my idiotically typed concerns about a spider bite, I head straight to lesbian.

went to class and to workstudy on tuesday
it hurt a bit to walk on my leg but nothing unbearable
just really uncomfortable
when i got home i changed into my pjs and i noticed that my right leg was significantly larger than my left
so i figured this is way more than an ingrown hair

megan lick

if you comment with dead baby jokes they better be funny goddamnit

Dead baby pics, yea or nay?

ohbusiness posts in customers_suck about being upset about developing some pictures of a stillborn baby. Instantly, people begin wanking about the customer's insensitivity to the OP and the OP's insensitivity towards the customer, again and again and again. There are also some inevitable personal anecdotes.

The award for special achievement in dumb goes to lots42 (remind me why I know that name, will ya?), who suggests the OP "report them to the cops, there are laws against that kind of thing all across the world."