January 24th, 2007


(no subject)

new title: I'm not butt-hurt, I'm just a troll and a jerk! lulz!!!!

I was hoping someone else would bring it first (possibly the poster herself!), but alas, no one did.

If you have to explain to an entire community why your snark is a good one, it probably isn't.

Unless you're monenigme. Then, your self-proclaimed "weak" snark actually IS funny (calling her own post "weak" in the title was only sarcasm! duh!), the original poster from pregnant is clearly an attention-seeker, and everybody else is just too stupid to get it. In that case you should argue with everyone who agrees that your snark is lame (preferably, referencing imaginary people who agreed with you), fail at basic reading comprehension and post non-sequitur replies, and call the community members stupid, humorless, and fat.

Hey, lady, we KNOW why you think the original post is stupid. We just don't agree with you. Get over it.

Also, I am no friend to the German people, A+ side wank.

This was one of those glorious moments when the wank material brought itself straight to a snark community, like an eager puppy with a squeaky football. Awesome.

ETA: Ahhh, monavoir (aka monenigme) has joined us!