January 23rd, 2007


Mini stupid over at Ask_me_anything.

Over at ask_me_anything, daisy_fuck asks a seemingly normal question asking who a girl is in a music video he saw on Youtube. The drama comes about, though, because in the post, he uses this as a description:

The bitch doesn't even sing, it's more like she's talking along to the music in the background but it's still freakin cute anyway.

creamicannoli gets a bit upset about the fact that he called a girl who he thinks is about six a bitch.

Hilarity insues, including someone who posts with images of post-its.

It's tiny, but amusing.

That's all I got.

EDIT: Because it has been drawn to my attention, I have to state that the stupid is in the post itself, not the fact that people are upset at him for calling a 6 year old a bitch. The fact that they got upset is where the drama begins, that's all. If that makes sense. I apologize, I'm working on very little sleep, here. :)

"I feel women shouldnt bother with politics...they should just cook and clean for their husbands"

First post.

thequestionclub is riddled with fucktards, but yourthevoice (Grammatical error in username? Check!) stands out like a moldy dog turd in a plate of cookies. Well, maybe not that much.

The OP, morriganslayde, wonders when people first discovered (as kids) that racism exists.

People post various comments about crappy things they learned from adults--lots of sad/sick stories. Then yourthevoice chimes in with a relatively harmless comment of her own about racist grandparents. Someone asks her a question. No big deal, until she brings up her beliefs on a woman's "place" out of the blue. We were discussing racism, but okaaaayyyyyy... Somehow this is all because of her mom cheating on her dad, or something.

Bonus stupid: Her writing is completely incoherent and rambling, with tons of grammatical and spelling errors ("carree", "emensly", "epidemy"). She mentions graduating a year early. What fucking high school would let her graduate at all, much less early? And why does she care, if all she wants to do is cook and clean for her husband?

(no subject)

Someone posts about people who steal from doctors and brag about it on domestic_snark.

Someone else makes the mistake of mentioning breastfeeding. A good 3/4ths of the entry's comments now have nothing to do with the original post. Whee.

EDIT: locked, but open membership. All the stupid is in the comments.

MOAR EDIT: if you can't see the post after joining, log out and log back in again. If that still doesn't work, clear your browser cache.