January 22nd, 2007

  • ohlife

Growing Poor_Skills stupid.

yardlong asks about how people accrue medical bills, and in the process mentions a small story:

My friend has a friend with some real poor skills and knowledge, and that friend told her to go to a particular medical group. She went and was given a doctor, and told that there is a 33% discount for payment at the time of service. She was seen and given a prescription. She was not asked to pay and did not pay. She has no intention of paying. Now, if she returns to that doctor the next time she needs medical care, will she be refused service for not paying? Is this an example of how a person accrues medical bills?

Bolding mine.

In a community that values every dollar and the various ways that someone else's actions can cost you another dollar in the future... this didn't go over too well. Starting from the first comment.

frkyjenn: People like her.. not paying her medical bills is part of the reason why medical expenses are so high.

Zhyndra responds with this gem: I'm in California, and Arnold Schwarzenegger said exactly what you said about others paying through higher rates for non-paying patients. I've got an issue with that statement, though. It implies that the medical providers are receiving payment for providing service to those who do not pay. If that were the case, the medical providers should not be complaining about not getting paid.

...of course, the money that the medical providers are receiving to compensate for the non-payers just flies right out of their rich little asses, right? Right?

Another 80-something comments follow, with Zhyndra repeatedly not quite grasping the point.