January 21st, 2007

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anti_feminism stupid

In anti_feminism, puf_almighty asks for advice on what to do when a woman leans forward while wearing a revealing top. Because it is a well known fact that cleavage will make your head explode. I think it's safe to assume puf_almighty has never seen boobs before.

What is the properly "enlightened" response to a woman in a terribly low-cut shirt bending over with her hands on a table and initiating a long conversation asking for my advice?


ETA: Also, you REALLY don't want to miss this gem from the same post:

"In a slightly more serious discussion: how can I avoid objectifying someone who has packaged themselves so nicely as an object? I don't mean this, as the phrasing might suggest, as a cop-out or an excuse, but indeed, how can this be done? Bikinis, bustiers, banana hammocks, is it wrong, undesirable, or degrading to objectify someone who is voluntarily emphasing their, you know, objects?"
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On fake news, Bill O'Reilly, and the teenage anarchists of suburbia

I meant to post this here, but the original wank happened just after Christmas... I had other things going on at the time, and my computer was dead, so I only poked my head in sporadically and didn't have time to write it up. This was submitted to fandom_wank, but pulled once people realized that the OP was underage.

Full disclosure: I am one of the moderators of colbert_report and I also run its snarky cousin community tds_tcr_snark. I also participate in some of the threads here.  Onward!

j_rock_addict innocently posts a question to the Stephen Colbert fan community colbert_report. That question is, "Stephen Colbert really is a Republican, right?"  While the original post is marginally stupid, it's nothing compared to the comments.  Some people are very helpful and just answer the damn question.   A few people are simply shocked that someone is asking that question without being a troll.  Others subtly mock the poster, or are increduluous that someone stupid enough to be a conservative could POSSIBLY be enlightened enough to appreciate the Fake Newshour.  One person posts even though they have no friggin' clue what the answer is, either.

The best stupid, however, occurs farther down in the comments, off topic.  When someone mentions that Dr. Colbert has done some reporting for Air America, teenage suburban anarchist the_pr0letariat  weighs in with what is now my all-time favorite Livejournal quote, "If Air America is progressive, then Hitler was a friend of the Jew's."  Godwin's Law FTW!  Citing WIkipedia at one point leads to a long, hilarious academic-type but migraine-inducing wank about the validity of WIkipedia as a source.  auntiesamn, rocza, & co. demonstrate to us all what happens when college students are home and bored on winter break with unfettered Internets use.

Our friend the_pr0letariat  isn't done, though.  He weighs in on the next post, mentioning that Colbert is totally uncool for belonging to a major political party, such as the republicunts or demoncrats.  Since, c'mon people, what have organized political parties or the American government ever done for you?

I think I'll go ponder that question while I do my homework here at a flagship state university whose construction was spearheaded by a Republican governor, funded by subsidized-interest loans provided by the federal government. 
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Meta-Stupid: If you don't have paid maternity leave, it's because you didn't study in school!!

In the post about maternity leave a few days ago, a commom misconception kept popping up - the one about paid maternity leave being some sort of norm in the workplace.

glossolalia, I, and others tried our hardest to point out that not only is paid maternity leave very rare, but that the "law" mandating a certain amount of unpaid time off after having a baby, the Family & Medical Leave Act of 1993, also covers anyone who needs time off to:

# to care for an immediate family member (spouse, child, or parent) with a serious health condition; or
# to take medical leave when the employee is unable to work because of a serious health condition.

The meta stupid comes when binaryprecision essentially ignores all of the previous comments explaining the FMLA, accuses those with children of thinking taking care of sick relatives is less important than having children, and, for icing on the stupid cake, claims that those who do not get paid maternity leave as a job perk simply didn't study hard enough in school!

So, all you guys who get unpaid leave at your job - now you know why. It's not because of the extreme scarcity of jobs that offer paid maternity leave as a job perk, it's because you're stupid!

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This made my head hurt.

In TQC, loudly asks about the size of the clit in this post.

wussycat decides to prove he is not likely to have good sex for several years, by commenting:

How can one tell how big or small it is when it's so far up the vaginal passage?

This doesn't get better in the comments, for not only is he a hetero man, he doesn't want to touch something where there has been urine. (The comments are hysterical actually.)

He broke my mind.