January 20th, 2007

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Being raped as a child doesn't count as being a woman who's been raped...?

Okay, I know this one's going to lead to a massive flame- and/or wank-fest as tovasshi is a member of this community, and posts about rape always do, but I have to post this as it's still making me want to bang my head against a brick wall, and I don't have one handy.

On a TQC thread about rape, tovasshi opined of the oft-quoted statistic than 1 in 4 women will be the victim of rape or attempted rape during their lives,

A study also found that about a third of rapes were done to children under the age of 9.

She counted that as 1 in 4 "women" when she asked the women if they were ever raped. A good chunk of them sad they were when they were a child. I don't think children should have been added to this statistic.

I think the stupid speaks for itself. You can see her reasoning on the thread.

My email is going to get flooded now, I know it.

teehee oopsies I don't know how to type now I am going to lash out on a community and call them dumb

HAHA oh my god. I never thought I would have anything to post about.

So about a month ago (it really felt like 10 years ago) lubedpumpkin made this post here. (The girl who claims myspace has bad customer service.) Being a regular on getoffmyspace I posted bloo. Hands down she needs to get off myspace if she thinks she deserves amazing customer service over her own mistake. Well recently the community opened membership back up, (It was closed due to dramaz back in September..) So tonight she discovered she was part of an LOL fest. (Need to join to read original post, and to read her lovely comments)

Basically she's commenting to people and calling them stupid. God the irony.

Community college

I have no idea

Defending her teenage angst

And so on, it'll probably go on forever.
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I'm not sure if this is appropriate for here

But since they seem to make so many apperances in this commuity I thought I would share

In the January 2007 issue of Bust magazine they have an article on the childfree movement. And who happens to get referenced in this national magazine more than once? cf_hardcore. Unfortunatly Bust does not have the article online so I will quote :

"The childfree (don't call them childless!) movement is divided between those who don't really mind breeders and their offspring, and those who rabidly loathe them and resent having to live in a world seemingly geared to accomodate them. The more militant antibreeders gather on such sites as LiveJournal's Childfree Hardcore and refer to parents as "moos" and children as "sprogs" and "crotch droplets."

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BUT MOM, volcanoes do it, why can't I?

I love thequestionclub. aiuna asks a few questions about global warming and An Inconvenient Truth. Say what you want about global warming, but this statement by ork58 is the most hilarious argument against it I've ever, ever heard.

If a lightning strike starts a forest fire, that's OK, but if we harvest the trees somehow we are evil humans stripping the earth of its natural resources...if we put CO in the air with a truck exhaust (which is largely carbon), that is evil but one volcano can put millions of tons, equivalent of a years worth of exhaust fumes in the air, and that's OK because it was a natural occurence? Or maybe we should make laws banning volcanoes.

It's only one comment but dang. DANG.

EDIT: Apparently I lost, and... according to scientists, bumblebees can't fly.
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Trollamania '07

mintogrubb, one of anti_feminism's supastahs, makes the amazing announcement that women aren't better than men. How did he come to this stunning conclusion? The women on Big Brother UK hate each other, duh!

If you are in the market for a headache, look around the rest of the comm. I suggest "if anorexia kills off the next killing off the next generation of ruling class women, I'm all for it" and Rape: It's Not Just For Black Women Anymore.