January 19th, 2007

It's a slow day out here in EL JAY...

...but sometimes stupid walks up and smacks you on the ass!

deviatednorm posts asking for reaction for to a new proposed law in CA outlawing spanking for children under three.

Opinion is roundly against the law, though intelligent points are all around on both sides of the debate. However, idolesexuelle wasnts us to know that she believes that parents should not only spank their children, they have the right to BEAT them, and smoke in their cars, too! Hopefully, in an appropriate outfit like jeans and a wifebeater. It's a small bit of stupid, but choice, and deserving of some time in the sun.

PS: Assist on this goes to slinksgirl.

ETA: The comments are growing with an ever increasing supply of lulz.
norris vs lansbury: FIGHT

I love customers_suck

Rules for customers of telemarketers!

I understand that telemarketers need to make a living too, but when the rules go something like this:

- If you are eating dinner and don't want to talk on the phone....DON'T PICK UP THE PHONE
- If you are busy and don't want to talk on the phone...DON'T PICK UP THE PHONE
- If you are in the middle of an argument/just finished an argument./are in a bitchy mood...DON'T PICK UP THE PHONE
- If your child/grandchild is around the house, and they are not capable of speaking in clear english and following directions....DON'T LET THEM PICK UP THE PHONE
- On the same note...putting kids on your outgoing msg for your voicemail/ansewering mach, is NOT CUTE! In fact some people have sensitive ears and hearing your three year old "singing" (cat's dying is what it sounded like) every day for over a week because you were never home is NOT FUN!!!

... you start to wonder just what you ARE permitted to do with your phone, for fear of insulting or offending the poor noble cold-callers.

Tons of back-and-forth wank and stupid in the comments. Highlights include I refuse to stop misconstruing your statements and my IQ is higher than 60, don't fuck with me.


Okay, I don't like kids myself, I don't want them, I don't need them, and I stick up for the CF alot, but sometimes. Just sometimes....


"People who CHOOSE to have kids don't NEED time off. It's A CHOICE. People should respect my CHOICE not to have kids and let ME have a half a year off of work just like the moos. Cause everyone knows that moos spend those weeks on leave after they push out the dropling are spent sitting by the beach drinking fruity mixed drinks. I WANNA TRAVLE LIKE THE MOOOS."



My bad. Didn't see it was locked.

Here's some text

recently at work we were listening to the radio and they were talking about some kind of special employee benefits for women with sprog... i mentioned to my cf coworker that it wasn't fair in my opinion that people who CHOOSE to get knocked up be rewarded with paid time off, and their jobs held for them, the rest of us picking up their slack, etc. he agreed, because, hey, we'd BOTH like an extra 3mos off with pay every couple years, you know? i've always tried to be somewhat tactful at work (even if this guy's cf) but i let it slip something like "i can't stand how they give special rights to breeders." he cheered and laughed and said "god bless your heart! if i believed in god!" and it was funny.......

blah. so this guy i'm pretty fond of was talking today about how crappy our company is because we get 2wks vacation when we start, but other sites (such as in germany) of the same company get 6wks to start. plus they have better baby-making time off. i said i didn't agree with that bit because i didn't think that because my life choices didn't involve babies i shouldn't be penalized by not being given 6mos off or whatever every few years. he said "things are different when you have a baby." i said "well i'm not having a baby, but i still would like time to spend on myself and better myself... with pay. and while my job is held for me."

he just didn't get it.

and i thought this guy was fairly cool. but... now i guess i just had a bit of a reality kick. that breeders really do think they're owed the world.

why can't employers give, say, something like a sabbatical? perhaps after 5 years of service you could get 6 months to use when you like... breeders could split it 3mos/kid or whatever, and the rest of us could take a couple months here or there to travel or do home improvements, or volunteer work, or sit on our fucking asses and enjoy our damn fine lives without kids.

some moo can walk into a job off the street, get knocked up the next day, and get instant moomy leave for 3 mos when she pops. i bust my ass to walk into a job, and all i get is 2weeks vacation.


Looks like I got banned for it. Oh well. I guess you guys were right about them. Hah.