January 18th, 2007

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This is probably relatively minor stupid by stupid_free standards, and I was going to avoid posting it because I'm involved (unwillingly) and I thought it might not be amusing enough to anyone else to make a post.  Nonetheless I think it's passed that point now, so here goes.

Anyhow, on the 12th, deleriumschild made this post to girl_gamers.  Previously, she'd made a whole bunch of useless, usually one-like posts to nintendo_ds (posts are now deleted) giving play-by-play updates of her progress in castlevania: portrait of ruin, and a couple incoherent rants about it.  People finally told her that those types of posts are probably more appropriate for her personal journal, and she flipped a shit, made a typical flounce post, and left.  I probably jumped the gun a bit when I saw that post in girl_gamers, but it wasn't really a big deal.  I even said as much and let it be. 

However, deleriumschild comes back almost a week later to make this rant post.  Most people are either pretty confused about it, or post relevant responses.  However, a few post along the lines that she seems to rant more than she actually posts, and in natural fashion deleriumschild deletes their comments and threatens to leave again.  Sadly I don't have screenshots of the deleted comments, but they weren't hateful flaming comments as suggested in the least. 

I commented further down, trying to play nice and even offering suggestions on posting.  Then enters her rabid fantard (or perhaps her on another account?), aegion, who insists that this community would suck without deleriumschild, even though she hasn't even been there since after the late-December incident at nintendo_ds (at least as a poster, I could be wrong), and her posts have mainly consisted of the same one-line crap.  Oh, and apparently I GOT PWNED!!!!.

And as a followup to this, deleriumschild makes a snarky tl;dr post because she is oh-so-offended that people don't appreciate her masterful one-line posts about losing her game.  Best of all, it's a plagarized paper from here.

ETA - Yay, FLOUNCE POST! (It was deleted shortly after).
Some fun screens from her deleted plagarism post -

kidding me
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Ask Dr LJ?

Okay, I generally don't think most moms making Dr LJ post are horribly stupid - when they're over minor things. You know, "my nipples are a bit sore and whitish/what can I do to treat thrush at home", "my baby's nose is running, his bum is a bit red, and he seems cranky, does this sound like teething? should i use tylenol or teething tabs?" type questions. Things that don't really require a doctor visit/phone call.

However, I don't think how much of a prenatal vitamin would a toddler need to ingest to be in danger of iron poisoning? really falls in the category of "Ask Dr LJ". I'm pretty sure it falls in the category of "holy fuck call poison control immediately" especailly considering the box/instructions probably says to in big bold letters given the seriousness of iron poisoning in babies/toddlers and how quickly it happens.

Or maybe I'm stupid for thinking poison control > the almighty Dr LJ :O

Edit: That "i'm on hold" bit wasn't there are the creation of this post.
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Over in boxer_world, stupid shines today in one post.

Dog is bleeding so no problem to locking pup in the bathroom while we eat and I also get bonus points cause of my racist comment

Warning, she does post pictures of the blood all over the bathroom. So, if that type of stuff bothers you, then don't bother clicking.

But ya know, it would just kill her if something happened to her poor dog!

Someone might want to get a screencap. I mess them up! =(

ETA: Bahleeted!!!!! Thank you, starfyre_dragon for screencaps!!!! Here and here Warning: Caps 3-6 on the first one has the pictures. Remember if you don't like to look at blood, don't click.

ETA2: Thank you dreammadeflesh for the copy and paste!

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