January 17th, 2007

megan lick

Every couple of weeks we should profile a new city.

seattle again. This time, wesa makes a post bitching about people bitching about snow. At first, people are in general agreement. This state of affairs cannot last, however (NSFW photos here, beware). Don't miss the parts where wesa starts rambling on about how missing work and one's financial situation are all the result of choices, and thus people shouldn't complain about how the snow affects them.
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Oh, WTF_Inc, you classy pit you.

Idiot troll makes equally idiotic post to classy wtf_inc. Big surprise. (Careful- Image of Holocaust victims, possibly NSFW) Things begin to get good in the replies:

People are pissed. But maybe it's a Cultural thing.. Or a People Born In The 80's thing. Or a 'Jew or Guilty German' thing.

But it's okay to find it funny if your grandparents were in the Holocaust!

I think that the Not All Immature People Are Immature argument between grlathena and kay halfway through the replies tops just about everything. It's only funny until you bring up someone's age.

Maybe I'm uptight or maybe I'm just e-jaded, but I didn't find the pic to be funny as much as a stupid, tired old attempt by a troll trying to be contrevershul.

I'm disappointed. It's like trolls aren't even trying anymore. I think the stupid here is just how hard this person is trying to troll, somehow repeatedly going "I LIKE PISSING PEOPLE OFF I'M GOOD AT IT" just kinda ruins it :( But the real gem of all this is the replies.

EDIT: It's the idiocy that keeps on giving! It's not that the troll is unfunny or stupid, it's that it was purposely trying to seem idiotic for a project between them and an 'unknown' other. Not only is our troll unfunny, they also have a multiple personality! And apparently the public's reaction pleases Troll.

The Bride Of Edit: You may think it's a troll, but it only wants you to think it's a troll. It's not a troll. Really. It only wants you to think it is.
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ONTD stupid.

Over in the drama haven of ohnotheydidnt someone posts a YouTube video of TR Knight of Grey's Anatomy on Ellen discussing the incident in which Isaiah Washington uses the word faggot, TWICE. Which offended the actor, needless to say.

Most of the ONTDers are outraged except for txdopegirl who uses a logical argument that since 'faggot' is not as bad as the 'n-word', she is "TEAM WASHINGTON!". She then goes on to argue that blacks have it worse than gays because you know, who's more oppressed is a fun game to play. Her argument includes such gems as:

"Right, because gays have been hung from trees like animals and have worked as slaves just like blacks did."

Because, you know, a gay person has never once been tortured for their sexuality.

"Gays have not had the same treatment as blacks for the same amount of time."

"For you to sit there and try to say that the Bible is hateful against gays is just wrong. Since when does everybody in the world read/believe in the Bible? Since when does Christianity promote hate?"

I'm sorry, but excuse me while I roffle.

"Please, what day did we just have on Monday? Oh that's right. Martin Luther King Jr. day. Stop trying to make it sound like what blacks went through is nothing compared to gays because that's false."

Yes. We need a Gay Day! Then, maybe, she'll acknowledge that 'faggot' and the n-word are both hate speech and shouldn't be tolerated. It's the only way!

You can see her comment here.