January 16th, 2007

Early morning boredom

Minor stupid over in ask_me_anything.

In a friendslocked post, italianishbabi decides to ask the crowd how she can lure a woman who's been making fun of her behind her back into her neighborhood to punch her in the face. Consider the following:

- She's going to school for law and planning on breaking the law itself (this observation was made by finding_jay)
- She's trying to stop drama by instigating more
- She's freaking out at the people who are posting comments telling her to stop being so immature

I guess it's minor. Since it's locked, I capped the original post for you guys.

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EDIT @ 6:47 am: The original post was deleted, and she was banned from the community. In its place, the community mod put up this gem.

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I think I am starting to see a theme here.


creamicannoli posts in the question club asking:

"How would you tell a 2 year old boy that he shouldn't wear princess dress up dresses?

edited to add: I just don't feel that a BOY, who has a PENIS, should be wearing dresses. I don't want him growing up and still wearing them when he is 10."

I'd myself like to add that joke topic aside, it's still pretty stupid, for examples some of the replies given.

Why can't these people learn to speak english?

On domestic_snark, a woman's post is mocked mostly for content, as to lack of knowledge about software despite extensive interests listed in the subject.  She also happens to be deaf and as such, does not write in perfect English (most deaf people are not taught English as their first language, if at all), although I'd argue that she gives it a pretty decent try.  

Not good enough!

lillyleia believes that she is entitled to a post in perfect english, because anyone who can understand english phraseology should be able to mimic it perfectly.  
She also does so making the classic "your/you're," "its/it's" and "to/too" mistakes.  But she shouldn't be held accountable!  But this poster should!  She's simply "lazy"!


At least there's nowhere for the OP to be told to "go back to". 

Edited to add in an extra grammar error, thanks for the catch, someone.

Internet LULZ.

megan lick

A grab bag of ana dumb

First, stuff from anachix, which is evidently an eating disorder snark comm populated by people with eating disorders, which makes my job really easy.


Dieters are really bringing down the tone of this anorexia community.

Some more stuff, courtesy of proanorexia.

"I consider VS models to be thick, minus Alessandra Ambrosio."

"i gained about 24 calories off of my best friends boyfriend."

P.S. There is SLEET accumulating outside and if it starts snowing I'm going to DIE because snow hasn't accumulated here since I was like 4 OMG
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classism still exists!! if you work retail....

alliemunkee posts to bad_service about observing how a woman who was on her cell phone was treated like crap for this sole reason.

not only is she ignored, but when she says she "just wants to pay for the milk", she is even lectured by the employees for being on the phone.

the OP expresses her outrage at this behavior by the employees.

my opinion? nightlove said it best here...there was suckage on BOTH sides.

cue most everyone else in the comments who go on ad nauseum about the evils of cell phones, many of them with valid points to them.

but things really get insane when yellosubroutine replies to melacynthe by stating that "class systems still exist". basically implying that if you work retail, that automatically makes you a second-class citizen.

the stupid, it burns....

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