January 15th, 2007

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Minor stupid

Today's minor stupid comes to us courtesy of kittypix! On the 12th, mieliefish did a post to show how big her cat has grown. The picture featured her feline laying next to her husband... who was wearing only his underwear. A few of the people in the community request the picture be put behind a cut, because they feel it's a bit NSFW. The OP responds by first attempting a failed lj-cut and then making a second, photoshopped post to make fun of the people that had requested the cut. As per usual, the other community members laugh and tell her that the people who had requested the cut are prudes. That very well may be true, but the OP was being rather immature about it. kittypix is pretty well known for coddling it's members. In a final act of maturity, mieliefish gave us a very stereotypical flounce post (which was bahleeted a few minutes ago). Collapse )

I wasn't able to get a shot of the comments, but they were pretty predictable. Most of the members begged the OP not to leave and told her how wrong the cut-requesters were. Very similar to a flounce post that rx_suicide did last month on there when someone had accused her of hoarding. coflower and myself posted comments basically indicating that the OP was a drama queen. And yes, I used the usual faux-founce comment written by blackperson. I love that thing way too much. Plus, her typical flounce made it oh so easy.

ETA: muliebrity saved a copy of the comments from the bahleeted post. Here's a long screenshot. Let me know if you can't see it.
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Minor, irritating stupid.

On January 11th, famed author/philosopher Robert Anton Wilson passed away. His groundbreaking Illuminatus! trilogy (co-authored by Robert Shea) introduced the concepts of fnords and the 23 enigma to the masses, and his influence on conspiracy fiction, the counterculture, and computer hackers the world over is immeasurable.

Those humbugs over at anti_porn ain't havin' it, though. According to them, because of Robert Anton Wilson's tenure as (letter) editor of Playboy in the late sixties, he deserves no accolades, as he did little more than "turn out patriarchal bullshit." A minor entry, with little more than 4 comments, but each comment containing enough unadulterated stupid to give any reasonable person a migraine.

My favorite comment comes from robin_tussin: "1 down a billion or so more to go." Uhhh...wow. Even if one agrees with the overall message of the community, the stupidity of this entry can't be denied. Have they even seen an issue of Playboy from the late 60's/early 70's? Tasteful partial-nude shots and Norman Mailer articles...how degrading and reprehensible!
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Hooray for fake death drama!

In the community fake_lj_deaths (which, sorry to say, is friends locked and with moderated membership), there was a "last update" post about a journal that was being "investigated". The whole story was that this woman died of two cancers that where pretty much impossible to have together and One of her lovers (she had four in total--the journal was kind of a cheap softcore porn) posted a notice stating that she had died--along with a pic of her in skimpy lingerie, because that's the most obvious picture that you would want to use for a death notice. Someone leaked to the journal in question that it under scrutiny, and who the poster was who originally doubted/posted it and said poster got an email from the Lover which basically said "boohoo you don't believe me, I'm deleting her journal", because it Totally makes sense that, seeing as how all that's left of the woman is her words, as someone in love with her, you would want to erase those words instead of simply coming up with an obituarty.

Screenshot of OP.

But this is not the actual stupid.

The actual stupid comes when elynne posts a comment stating that, if someone were to call "bullshit" on the death of someone she loved, she would post lots and lots of evidence pointing to the truth.

njyoder dissagrees, saying that proving to a bunch of internet people that someone existed is "insane". People dissagree, and ask him to clarify, he gets all "I don't have to dumb down my words" round_bunny pulls the "You guys have no liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiives" card, people justify themselves, and it's really all just drama, drama, drama of people saying "of course I could/would prove that people I love really died" and njyoder going "nuh-uh, you guys are illogical and insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane".

And Lookit! I gots screenshots!

(And yes, I do have this much time on my hands, and no, I don't have any life).
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Ninja Troll


Y'know, sayonara_snot and I are giving mods, caring mods, and patient mods. We're nearly 2000 strong in this little community, and given the general nature of posts, we all get along pretty well. Very little requires mod interruption of your regularly scheduled stupid.

HOWEVER, I'm getting a little tired of seeing DELETED where a comment once stood. I've seen that ugly little word in multiple threads just today, and I'll tell you...it sickens me!

It doesn't take much to be a member of this community. It is also nearly impossible to be banned. You will never be banned because we didn't like your opinion. You will never be banned because the mods are having a bad day. You won't even get banned when you disagree with a mod. We have almost no rules here. Honestly, we have like two rules!!! DON'T DELETE is the Number One Rule!!!!!!! I can't believe people are not even reading the two stinking rules!!!!!

No one forces you to post or comment in this community. Once you've deemed your precious little thought important enough to hit the POST button in this forum, it stays. If you puss out later and decide to delete it, you get banned. Suck it up, buttercup.

Lulz ahoy!

Over in thequestion club,

http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/16729436.html?thread=304957532#t304989276 for members). Post below for non members!) this is a hypothetical.. Say you have a 10 year son, who's mature for his age, gets good grades, is involved in after school activities, does his chores, and for the gist of it is what people would call a "good kid". One day he tells you that he wants to start wearing skirts and other girls clothing to school, that thats what he feels comfortable in and understands he's going to get teased. What would you do, let him do what he wants? bring him to therapy? forbid him from it? something else? what are the reasons behind your choice? edit/ 2nd q, if you would support his decision, would you fight the school if they said it was against their dresscode? this would be in a non-uniform situation All is fine and well until redlightlove responds with this: (I don't know how to do screencaps, so I'll cut and paste. D: )

No. Because he is a BOY, and boys don't wear skirts unless they are fairies. No boy of mine would be a fairy. rykani responds with an amusing picture. To which more snark about the guy in a kilt looks like a fairy.

So when emilythemanic responds with this Ooooo.............kay.

Based on karma and irony, I'm dying to see what yr son will be like.

<a href="http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/16729436.html?thread=304977244#t304977244" ">Only girls wear skirts!oneoneeleventyone!</a>

The commenter of course snarks back with:


I really don't care what my son wears
He can go buck ass naked with a feather taped to his nipple for all I care


PPS How do you know I am having a son/kids at all Miss Smarty Pants?

(I know, not all there... I suck at screen caps, k? D: )


One final link! ;)