January 14th, 2007

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I thought badtattoos_4 was for bad tattoos...

arson83 posts two funny tattoos and one implant, to which they say:
"And I know this last one isn't a tattoo, but I found it on InkedNation. This was a girl who hands herself from her knees with hooks, and the pictures were making me sick. Dunno if you've ever seen what these are, but they are implants that go under the skin in random spots. Don't know if they are removable or not, but I imagine they are. Anyway, it freaks me out."
attacking (ahahaha, nice name) does't like this and says oh mannn your commentary on the last picture makes me wanna punch you in the throat FYI. This goes on for a bit, with readysteadystop commenting pictures of their cat because if someone's going to post about implants, then we might as well post about anything.
sakurabana1 calls the overreacting card, to which a debate on what is ignorant or not ensures between her(him?) and attacking
In a different thread, 2young2love makes the mistake of saying they don't like implants because they think they are 'dirty looking', to which readysteadystop declares that they are stupid for not being able to define to her satisfaction what they meant by dirty.

As if that weren't enough, readysteadystop has to bring up how touchy people are in a later post.

Original post in badtattoos_4
second post here

I think the whole thing is ridiculous.
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