January 12th, 2007

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Over at anarchists, resist_anywhere shares his thoughts about rape and penises and something, I really didn't read it all because it was too long. But basically, he's wondering about the relationship between representations of rape, radical feminism, and male guilt. The stupid, though, does not really get going until mucilofamucil chimes in with his deep throat thoughts:

"If you don't rape someone, you'll end up getting raped. Spew all the religious/political babble you want, I'm not getting raped. Pick up the gun and find someone who you can convince yourself deserves to be robbed; believe me, there's plenty of people out there that don't deserve to live as well as you do." He then goes on to explain how ethics are ruining your life. I have no doubt he is the unchallenged ruler of his parents' basement, however.
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This is probably minor stupid, but her logic boggled my mind.

mishaps found two rabbits with bad teeth at a pet shop, apparently being sent back to breeder.

She concludes that They'll be clubbed to death!.

Okay, maybe some people DO club rabbits, but the majority of animal breeders more likely would opt to euthanize or re-breed, I'm guessing.

So she takes the rabbits, who she KNOWS have bad teeth, and gives them to the HUMANE SOCIETY. Where they will most likely be KILLED ANYWAY due to the massive overcrowdings in shelters, and beacause of their teeth issues.

So, good going there mishaps!

She disabled comments, too. Calendar view says she got 7 replies, so someone obviously said something she didn't like.
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Quick, call the internets police!

Hello, stupid_free !

Today's tale comes to us from crochetcrochet . jonathanhcjames  is really PISSED that the blog "What Not to Crochet" dared to snark a teenager. But that's not all! He's also pissed because the blog dared to repost pics from public websites and snark them.

He posts at us in big, bold blocks telling us this shit is ILLEGAL! And LIBEL! Then he deliberately misunderstands when people post actual copyright laws. But he KNOWS copyright laws! His parents owned SEVEN NEWSPAPERS!

This is serious business, people. His hats are serious art. (Except he crochets some of the ugliest hats ever. )

My personal favorite is this- "OP? What is this OP you speak of? Snark? What is this snark you speak of?" I suppose if someone told him to Google, his head would seriously explode.

Ah, crochet drama, whoda thunk it?

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