January 9th, 2007

dr. facilier

TQC brings the stupid once again

Over in thequestionclub I make a post asking pregnant members of the community when they're due, what the gender of their baby is, and if they have any names picked out. Lord help me, of course there is baby name drama.

imaloserbabyxx isn't pregnant but is thinking about starting a family soon and so she decides to post the names she has already picked out for her not yet existent children. The names she has chosen are, well, very unique.

It all starts when honeymoonpoison pokes fun at the precious, unique, and wonderful names. imaloserbabyxx then goes apeshit and tells honeymoonpoison to "Go die in a ditch." Her justification? She feels she is being personally attacked. Nevermind that no one is making fun of her, just the names she chose. She continues to go on and on about people being rude, nasty, and so insensitive on the internet!

The woman isn't even pregnant yet and she's already going nuts about people making fun of her CHILDREN!. Methinks she needs to learn how to deal with it because her kids are going to get a lot of the same with names like those.

ETA: Yes I was being sarcastic when I referred to the names as "unique". :) Sarcasm sometimes doesn't transfer over the internet well. Sorry about that.

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Someone posts to livesecret with a heartbroken confession about possibly being pregnant with the child of the man who broke her heart.

It doesn't take long for it to evolve in to a HUGE abortion debate.  There's even some "OMG YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABORTED" comments.

It's a small stupid, but a stupid nonetheless.  And I feel for the original poster who doesn't need to see that shit.

*Edit* Someone(Not the OP, but some asshole), deleted the entry.
Wish I had screen shots because all the stupid was in the comments.  But here's the text of the post for posterity.
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