January 8th, 2007

thequestionclub hilarity

So, TQC has been spotlighted and flooded with newbs. The usual tension has erupted, and we're either senseless n00b, or bitter old scenesters.

This post isn't about that.

It's about A LIVEJOURNAL COMMUNITY. Where according to _imnotcrazy_ "people [have to] tell me that i should watch out for getting snarked just shows that livejournal takes up too much of their damn time and see it as an important part of their life, or don't realize that this isn't real life, it's the internet, i wish people would get over themselves."

Of course, it couldn't be that she was high on pot(comment deleted), posted twice to the community within 5 minutes, and asked why she was so freakishly awesome.

Quit yer bitchin'!

Over here in customers_suck, donth8dapaprboi posts that one of his/her customers complains frequently because he/she keeps delivering her paper to her neighbor's house. One more complaint and the OP will lose his/her job. But the old bitch is just a h8r and why should the OP be bothered to do his/her job correctly?

Several call-outs of troll (mostly from self-appointed troll police becka_mouse) get the OP to reply once stating that he/she used to read customers_suck without having a registered LJ and decided to create an LJ just to make this gem of a post. Troll or not? You be the judge.

Most commenters who aren't crying troll are calling the OP out on his/her laziness. This could be wank in the making. At least, I hope so. I would hate for a potentially good stupid to fizzle.

Edit: As pointed out by druid_va, the person who was saying they created their LJ just to post in C_S was a different username and very likely (based on the userinfo, almost definitely) not the OP paperboy. So the troll meter has pinged closer to the "yes" side of the spectrum once again. Apologies! I was reading responses in-line through e-mail notifications and lost track of who was who.
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Small stupid: over in eastcoastfurs, dinosnake posts an entry titled “it has begun” with the following body:

Dear fellow furs,

This is probably the most important, general fur-directed post I will ever make.

We have arrived.

And the debate begins.

We are all here to share a mutual attraction for anthropomorphic creatures - evolved animals. Hybrids. Chimeras

And science...has now begun their first steps in the creation of these beings.



And now the debate begins - by scientists, theologians, religions and the public - as to whether or not these beings should be allowed to be created.

We have reached the turning point of our species.

Are we prepared for what is to come

The rest of his posts in that thread thus far seem to share the same style as the OP.

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