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January 7th, 2007

The voices made me do it...

Over in soulbonding contingoangelus post about eating things you don't like because a bond likes them.

To me, that's pretty dumb, but it's rather normal for that community. The real stupid comes in the comments, where kryceksfox announces that s/he is allergic to nuts, but has tried them for her bond. Wow....just wow.

ETA: I'm adding a definition of soulbonding since there seems to be a lot of confusion. People who soulbond believe that another person is living in their head/body. Some people "bond" to already created fictional characters, others to characters they have made up, some to real people. Most soulbonders consider themselves part of a community of multiple personalities in their mind, but instead of real DID where the other personalities take over by force, this is more of a cooperative relationship. (As an aside, I watch the community because I have a created character or two who I feel close to, but I don't actually think they're real.)
In neworleans, a discussion starts about the possibility of a city-wide curfew, due to the recent rise in murders.

sloppypoppy bursts out with this, which is only the beginning of her racist stupidity.


Smallest of Stupids

Over at bad_service who do we meet again? Why, tigerwolf, of course! He/She/It (no idea) is so so mad at CompUsa over a rebate. When other members point out that it's the manufacturer he should probably be mad at, things don't fly.

Oh, and creamicannoli is accused of being a troll.

Flocked but posted for your pleasureCollapse )
Oh, and this happens to be my first post. Be gentle, lubricate, and remember to pee afterwards.


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