January 6th, 2007

Stupid internets Ed

And we trott along into the poly community today...

Dammit, wish I had access to the original dwama....in polyamory

Is it so sad that callmesilver and darkhorseman are having relationship issues?

Must callmesilver Bring up the fact they're Zoos?

And how come darkhorseman can't seem to figure out why his original post (baleeted, unfortunately) would cause dissention because he can't take critizism on the intarwebs?

My gods, if I had such a thin skin, I'd be dead!

It's all about Horse's Stallion nature in that he can have all the wommins he wants, but heaven forbid if they seek out other relationships of their own. That doesn't make me a bad person! Why are you all saying I have a jealous streak? WAAAAAAAAA!
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Over in caninecentral, softest_fire wants to breed her super duper special dog with another super duper special dog! Some people don't think it's a very smart thing to do.

OP goes on to threaten anyone who dares to state their opinion, says she knows where every commenter is, reveals that she is "a computer anaylst for the gov.", and generally makes fuck-all sense.

She also manages to use "youre crusing for a brusing" without a hint of sarcasm. Lulz ahoy!
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Just a little update...

...not exactly drama, but it's just interesting to hear rx_suicide's take on things. Thankfully secondarysanity provides a shoulder to lean on. (As a side note, secondarysanity is African American and Asian, but feels among friends in that community.) See? Nazi Fetishists can be sympathetic, too!

And The Nazi love Colobars, which you'll see more of if you scroll down some, are just a bonus.