January 5th, 2007

Subliminal Bunchie

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I'm back with yet another stupid from customers_suck. That place is a fucking gold mine. Today's offender is braumsgirl26. She (I'm assuming it is a female) posts a lovely tale of woe (complete with hideous spelling, grammar, and punctuation!) to that wonderful community. Now, she's either a troll or a very whiny, attention-seeking baby. She had previously posted two stories on C_S before (here and here). Both of them are about as believable as the latest one. Her journal was just created on January 1st of this year and she currently has no LJ friends *emo tear*.

When the other C_S members call "troll", she responds with a few witty comments such as:

Yeah and everyone knows you can pull a full journal out of your ass. Well maybe you can. Animals can do some weird stuff but so sorry to you I'm human so I can't.


Might want to take a bath then to see if that helps sassy_pumpkin that is if you even know what a bath is or how to take one. Since you already don't see to know what a life is.

A handful of people actually come forward to say they believe her. aikiariyen is one of them. And saintvlas22 posts a long comment about how he believes her. I should note that that saintvlas22 had a previous post where they had been called a troll. I think it may have been snarked on here, but I'm not certain...

braumsgirl26 posts this gem of a comment at the bottom. Good times. Good times.
megan lick

i had a puminary embolism lmfaooo

kassandra_leigh wants opinions on the best way to dress loli at the gym.

Im a little mortified.Iv never
really worked out in front of people let alone out of the house.
I refuse to be unpresentable so im trying to figure out what
i could wear out to the occasion. I was thinking a pair of bloomers
but i cant figure out what sort of layerable tops to wear with em?
Probly my normal pigtails with ribbons and ...i dont own any non healed
shoes so ..no idea what to do with that either. Do you think black
ballet flats would look alright?

There is reaction.

If you don't know what gothic lolita is, it basically consists of grown-ass women deliberately wearing dresses along the lines of those my mother used to force me into for Easter Sunday church services, along with a large array of pseudo-Victorian accessories. Blame Japan.