January 4th, 2007

doctor: donna wish i could be

another bad_service gem made all the sweeter by dwa20's sugar

aikiariyen is absolutely FLUMMOXED that when she asks the question "what is on your club sandwich?" at a local restaurant, the server replies, "chicken, cheese, bacon, lettuce and mayonnaise," then brings out a sandwich where the chicken has been seasoned (color-additived?) with paprika, to which she is apparently omg!deathly allergic. her gripe, she swears, is not that the server could not read her mind, but that it took half an hour (onoez) for the restaurant to make her a paprika-free version.

a few people reply reasonably, saying "um if you're allergic you need to ask 'is there _________ on the sandwich?' and not 'what's on your sandwich?'" and she claims that paprika is not a common spice in australia so the server should have mentioned it.

but everything really gets kicked up a notch when dwa20 (of i love my reeree) fame) makes several comments regarding her personal status as a culinary ninja, including "my deviled eggs are covered in paprika and an olive, but the paprika is just a dusting" and "And no I haven't killed my taste buds. In fact they are acute enough that when I like something I can come home and recreate it because I can taste and identify all the seasonings." she makes about 10 comments to the effect of "why didn't you ask about paprika" "omg paprika = garnish!" "paprika = 'and other spices' so they don't have to list it by law!" "BLAND FOOD OMFG >:|" "people in australia who cook differently than we do here in the american south don't know how to cook!" and my personal favorite, "don't ever eat at a checker's drive through because their food makes me ill."