January 1st, 2007

Nothing too special

lots42 rants here in cf_hardcore:

"I'm not good with faces any day of the week but familar kids keep ambling up to the booth every other weekend and looking at everything. Not touching, but just looking and looking and looking and they -tell- me they have no money. In the more annoying cases I get my mom to chase them away."

How dare children in a public flea market hang around his table not touching anything.
megan lick

All these reasons for needing pussy are fallacies.

velex is a special boy. 'Today's man needs to "just say no" to females.'

I slam doors in females' faces, and I think more males should start.

Almost all his personal journal entries are about how women are ruining his life. Also check out this handy post on ways to avoid being accused of date rape when dining with a random female acquaintance.

Bonus totally unrelated dumb: Cartoon Network Promoting New World Order To Children