December 9th, 2006

Ah, customers_suck

In this entry, chaotic_psi complains about "it's annoying how lazy you people are in how you pronounce your words". Apparently speaking with a Southern accent makes you stupid AND lazy. Unfortunately, she can't actually use... English...without...every...word...separated by goddamn ellipses. Or reply to threads instead of the main post. Or actually make any sense at all.
"and on another note, no i don't claim to be perfect or a linguistics expert, so i have every right to my opinions and rants, no one has to like them, i'm sure there are others out there we all don't agree to either, so there have been rants on here just like mine, and not everyone is fair, life is not fair, and i never said i was fair, so, why make a huge gripe about it. really, it's just dumb. there, enough said. no one is perfect, we are entitled to our own gripes and opinions, so wish everyone would stop whining about the language thing, that was my opinion.. gawd..."
Stupid White People on LJ

Meta-Stupid: I Love My ReeRee and That Makes Me SO NOT RACIST!!!

You know, I have work to do. I need to leave in an hour to attend a Christmas party. Real life beckons.

But I just couldn't resist this Meta-Stupid!!!!

In this entry, dwa20 is mocked for comparing cancer to slavery. Tubman's Law violation notwithstanding, that's pretty fucking stupid. It's a shitty analogy, and somebody as brilliant as her should realise this.

But, she doesn't. What's worse, when called on it, she goes on to claim that Because she had a black nanny as a child, she has done her part to bring about racial equality.

Now, I've heard everything.

We point out that Strom Thurmond had a black nanny too, and she ignores that in favor of insisting that she has DONE something, dammnit, even though all the "things" she's done involve people other than herself deigning to hire black people as "help".

She also harps incessantly upon the idea that no race should advance at the expense of another, yet repeatedly refuses to answer me when I ask what should be done about the daily "advancement" of white people at the expense of people of color.

I mean, she cares SO MUCH about black people! She wants to see a "colorblind" society, where everyone has the same opportunities! So why can't she answer this question??

I'll tell you why - Because she doesn't care. It is of GREAT concern to her that a black person might be "advanced" at the expense of a white person through Affirmative Action (and strangely, she doesn't have a peep to say about white women benefitting from AA), but she doesn't give much of a shit when the opposite happens.

But none of that matters, Because she helped black people vote 32 years ago! And furthermore, there's nothing creepy, patronizing, or offensive about referring to my friend's multiracial family as a "rainbow family"! And I love my ReeRee!!!!!