nitouche (nitouche) wrote in stupid_free,

Won't someone consider the books' feelings?

Over in toronto, the_goodson is cranky: BMV hasn't treated his used books with the respect they deserve as mint-condition books that aren't Stephen King.

Gratuitous rape analogy? Check.
Strange assertion that books are personally insulted by being only worth 75 cents each to a used book store? Check.
Unusually swift progression to calling suitablyemoname an unpleasant & gendered name? Check.

Now I'm going to go reassure my books that their worth can't be measured in mere dollars and cents. There, there, books. There, there.

*EDIT* Oh blast. Yes, including the link would be useful.

*EDIT*2* OP has come to play,complete with gendered insults but no rape culture there, nosirree!

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